The Weighting Game - WIP

I believe that’s intentional as in saying, “This is an April fool.” It’s common for people to say “April fools’” or “April fool” after a prank and I think the terminology here is just based on regional differences.


Yep, it reads ‘THIS IS AN APRIL FOOL’. I’m English and it’s ‘April Fool’ rather than ‘April Fools’ in the UK. Took me bloody ages to come up with that anagram :stuck_out_tongue:

So, just to confirm, the whole ATM/spending real money thing was completely made up. There’s no way I’d put an option in the game to spend real money to make it a bit easier (hello Electronic Arts).


So you’re saying there’s still hope for loot boxes and season passes?


Shhhh, don’t give the game away!


Please put this in the game its so funny


I need microtransactions in the weight gain fetish game


Haha, there are gonna be more than enough images without adding bloopers to the mix too :stuck_out_tongue:


you should have 3 (not just that blonde guy) different protagonists so that theres variety in the charcters.


That would practically triple the workload for no real reason



Today I finished your game (V0.7), I liked very much so I also subscribed on your Patreon, I hope it will support you and the development a bit. I cannot wait for the continuation

Some thoughts:

  • First I pushed Alice’s gain too much (of course) and she left me. On the second attempt I went more strategically to manipulate her (I know, I admit, I’m an evil man) and I really liked the challenge. But after she hooked on the gaining train, the only challenge remained to manage the funds. If I may recommend, keep there some challenges like health, fitness (later I will explain), or relationship issues basically some challenges like on the first part of the game

  • Is just me or Alice got prettier after her WG, those extra pounds really helped on her look. At the start she was just mediocre, unlike Hannah, she went to the opposite side (at the beginning I hoped the MC will have the opportunity to catch up with her, but after her weight and personality kicked in, oh boy). I really thought there will be some revenge plot against Alice to get the MC or kill their relationship. I liked the characters variety, I just waited to be the situation more spicy not just the MC with harem of fedees around him, women are more complicated and insidious than this, they are not satisfied with second place, they are frenemies

  • As I mentioned before, I would welcome a fitness issue challenge: As Alice grows she work out less and less. But with some sport activities she might grow some muscles beneath that fat to keep her somewhat fit and active. Of course it might have impact on her gain but there will be a challenge to build up a bit slow but healthier growing relationship

  • On the visual side Alice’s shape was a bit inconsistent. I will welcome more WG and stuffing size sections as well

  • Don’t you consider about releasing the game on a life service? Like community votes on some progress and the story continuation like DLC based?

  • I know it is a foolish, unfeasible dream, but it will be great if the player could semi distribute the fat what Alice gain, according what kind of food she devour or what kind of workout she does (I’m just not a giant thigh and butt guy)

But as I mentioned, these are just suggestions, I really liked the game. I will definitely replay it before the next version came out, but now its time to spread Managed democracy for Super Earth!


If people want things like customizable MCs and more variations on shapes of the female lead…

What they are asking for is that the entire game be made using sprites.

But everyone hates games that just use sprites instead of fully rendered scenes.

So uh, yeah, do people making suggestions that would increase the development time of the game by like 10000% want to see sprites? Are sprites more popular than I thought?

Or are people not realizing that increasing the workload 10000% means needing to take a shortcut that can save 90-99% of the time?

There are games that are purely sprite based out there… like lab rats 2 on f95zone … but… those games tend to not have good stories and not have good plots and such.

The sprites also don’t look that good because there have to be 19801831001 of them to account for everything.


I don’t believe people making certain suggestions actually understand how a game like this is made or works. Or how much time is spent to make the renders in a game like this. If they did I don’t believe they would be making suggestions that would require taking every image in the game and redoing it or at least doubling the amount of renders in the game from such a suggestion. Let alone the changes to coding, and the writing, narrative or script.

Games in general often have a majority of their audience or consumers that rarely understands the processes or means by which said game is produced. And “simple” suggestions like these pop up from fans and the like.


Yeah this is just it. We all would love to add those features. But when you’re one, two, or a small group of people making a game as a hobby, it’s just not feasible.


Exactly this. I’d love to add customisation to the game, but I’m the only person working on this and I’d simply never get it finished. 0.7 has over 2,600 images, and the finished version will have at least 5,000. Perhaps more. 99% of the images in 0.7 are full renders, rather than sprites (and that’ll be 100% of the images when the game is eventually finished). An average render takes 1-2 hours, and that’s not including the time it takes to set it up or the many MANY renders that I either discard because they simply don’t work, or I have to redo because of too much clipping, something majorly out of place, Daz fuckups, etc.

To add any variation for a said character, I’d have to produce new images for every single scene the character appears in. Not to mention all the recoding it would take. I’ve already been working on this for almost five years and god knows how many thousands of hours. It’d probably take another ten years if I started adding variations :stuck_out_tongue:


Still bet you’d beat Star Citizen and Half Life 3 to a final release


Some of these suggestions are great and all, but the game is already really massive, so a lot of what you’re suggesting is a lot for just one person to add to the game.

I do agree with you on the fact that once Alice accepts the feedee life, her character seems to become less interesting. Its just going through the motions at that point. but in my opinion that’s whats so great about the OTHER characters, yeah its the MC being surrounded by a harem of feedees and yeah women are more complicated but its a fantasy right? I personally love how each characters gain is a take on how people in real life gain weight. Alice being the emotional eater. Becca eating due to stress, Hannah gaining due to stopping smoking, and Especially Lacey who I love so much that I won’t ruin it for new people. These are things that happen in real life. and having those themes in a game like this is pretty awesome if you ask me.

I bet everyone wants this game to be THEIR perfect fantasy. But I think the flow of the game is great as is, the best thing now is to BUILD on whats already there. Instead of adding completely new features, I personally think that would only hurt the game. But that’s my opinion, which could be considered wrong and I can’t speak for Tigger at all


I think this is a really good description. Yes, the main piece with Alice does lose some steam once she fully accepts being a feedee. There isn’t really any other choices to be made or conflict, it is just push as many calories past her as possible (albeit witha. ton of awesome scenes to do so). I certainly could see that being an area where some more depth is added. Maybe she starts to worry that she is getting too big too fast or is beyond an acceptable limit. I think there are certain pieces that could potentially be added there to make it feel a bit less like just spamming calories at her.

That said, after that point is when you really get the secondary characters blossoming and coming into their own storylines. So when Alice’s story slows down you then get more of everyone else’s storylines to way more than make up for it. Maybe an extra character or two exploring some different pieces of feedism could be fun there to continue to spice it up a little bit, but it is already pretty darn good and doing so could add quite a bit more work!


Lab Rats 2 is actually a great fetish game, and the visuals aren’t really that bad for being mostly just your basic Daz renders in a variety of poses. Yes, they’re nothing to The Weighting Game, but then again, nothing is anything compared to The Weighting Game’s visuals unless you go for an actual game engine like Unreal.


Lab Rats 2 is the best game I’ve ever seen made with sprites that features multiple body types. That’s why I brought it up.

Lab Rats 2 plot is trash imo, but it’s user agency and actual gamey gameplay is strong.

But anyone wanting alice to “change” and going to look at lab rats 2 to see what would be possible, would be wildly disappointed :smiley:


The sprite system used is tedious to the point of insanity. Dev who is now MIA wrote about it, but honestly you’re at the point where you’re better off using webGL chars like Free Cities uses than trying to make sprites.

Those are actually fairly good, with better lightning and such they could be pretty good, possibly even integrated into renpy. (I’m assuming image source in renpy can be made dynamic, so… )