So i’ve been here awhile and actually posted a few of my mods, but I never really introduced myself. I am on this site making some Sims 4 mods that center around weight gain gameplay. My most popular mod is a weight gain virus for TS4, I have multiple other mods currently in the testing phases. My main goal here is to revive the sims weight gain community, as I remember there was once a lot of hype in the weight gain community over the sims 3. Though the sims 4 might not have as good of body shapes as TS3, the main reason that there hasn’t been many people from the community excited about it is because of lack of mods. I aim to change that, a lot of people look for a good 3d weight gain game but they don’t realize that the Sims 4 can be exactly that, I just aim to enhance the weight gain aspects of the game.

Some links

TS4 weight gain virus: Weight Gain Virus for The sims 4 - #16 by VierMill

TS4 “The Fattener”: "The Fattener" a Sims 4 mod - #9 by Crows_With_Hats

My Discord: TheSimFatteners mods

As always, I am looking for suggestions and feedback on what i’m working on (Gainer career, fattening interactions, etc).


1st off, official welcome from me to you!

Secondly, I used to be excited about the fact that Sims could “realistically” gain weight back in Sims 3, but as you said the hype died. I’ve seen mods but they make the sims look polygonal rather than smooth. I’m no game modder nor do I have the technical abilities to do so, but I think if you are going this route a more round, smooth, natural form of fat on a sims would be the way to go. If you can.

Best of luck to you!


Welcome! And nice work on the mods btw!