Thick Space Training by BellyBelting and CrystalCore

Windows 64Bit: Game
Mac: ThickSpaceTraining
Linux: TSTLinux
Fixed ending
Made easier
Should be same speed for all computers now

Tell me if anything is broken

Art by BellyBelting
Code by CrystalCore

Controls: WASD to move, ESC to quit

You are an AI being trained how to open Weighted Doors with your Human.

Both Victory and Defeat will reset the room.

Activate the button then push your human to the door.

Watch out for Electric Turrets.

There are 5 fountains that have special fluid collect it by running into it.
Give the fluid to the human to increase their Size.
When the wires light up the door is open.
Push the human by running into them.
If the human is stuck try to wedge yourself between them and the wall.
If the human wont move walk away and come back.


Perhaps I am missing something but this seems extremely difficult. Some of the runs require what feels like frame perfect precision to avoid getting hit and given that there is no hit invulnerability, you can lose all 3 hearts in just a moment. So far I have only been able to get the pool in the bottom right.

Other than that the movement feels fast and fluid and the artwork is top notch.

Edit: found the issue, the rate of fire is based on the frame rate so when I had my monitor at 144hz the projectiles were more than twice as fast

Edit 2: Fun game, great art


found a bug at the end. I managed to beat the level but the code to reset looks like it is broken.

got this pushing the human to the door:
“SCRIPT ERROR: _on_Area2D_area_entered: Invalid call to function ‘reset’ in base ‘KinematicBody2D (’. Expected 0 arguments.”

Thanks i put the a value in the wrong spot

i should make it easier

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Sorry, the game is fine on difficulty, it just that it frame rate dependent so when I ran the game at 144hz the fire rate of the turrets was super high. I cranked it down to 60hz the game is fun and fair.

That’s interesting, not sure what frame rate my default is

Oh, jeez, mine’s 244. Lemme know when frame lock comes in.

i am the only one whos finished it in the first 10 min? thedont activate until ur character see it, so u can Speed run them …

Ah i forgot to multiply by time oops

I will fix it this evening

is it just the bullets moving or do the turrets shoot fast as well?

Frame rate should be fixed for windows

Windows download link ain’t working. At least not for me.

i wish this have more levels ._.

could you explain how it is not working please.

The biggest issue I have with the game is that the camera is way too close to your character, which makes it very easy to accidentally walk into the firing line of an offscreen turret.


it was either too far or too close, we chose too close as the better option.

We planned an even game, but of course, our development went south and couldn’t do much. We might continue it later because we really liked the idea and had a lot of cool concepts, but at the moment we are focusing on the game we were working on (Okui). I really hope we get to work on this again later

trying to run this on my Chromebook’s Linux Terminal. Anybody know what command i put in the Terminal to start the game?