Thicker Treat: A WG Dating Sim (v.0.4.5 with Sakura's new scenes now out for Patreons, 0.2.2 is public)

They all look great, particularly liking Sakura and Eudora so far but they all have real distinct styles. Looking forward to the proof of concept.




Amazing :heart_eyes:

It shows great Promise :star_struck:


Frankly, I haven’t considered it, but it could be a nice add-on(!). Once the game is more advanced, I will make a poll here to ask players how they feel about it.


UPDATE: I was aiming to release the alpha on the weekend and, in the end, I got caught up with expanding one of the storylines. Right now I’m hunting for bugs, so it should be out within the next hours.


Let’s go! Talk about a nice gift on a Monday. Super excited to see what you have accomplished so far :slight_smile:

OK. The first version should be available now!

(It’s the first build I’ve exported, so, fingers crossed for the download and gameplay to run smooth :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:)


Very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The writing and renders definitely have me wanting to dive deeper into the world. With how the current build is set up I’m curious will certain events be able to be done later on if they were “skipped” by going with a different option. For example, let’s say will I have a chance to meet Sakura in the elevator if I didn’t choose to rush to the apartment first?. Or are events like that locked with the game world moving forward in time.

Either way keep up the good work I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.

EDIT: Oh and no bugs or issues for me.


Wow, I am impressed by the quality! How often do you plan to update the game?


I’m looking forward to seeing more of this! Seems like its going to turn into something great.

Side note: For some bizarre reason, my first thought when the outside of the lab building was “This looks like a Tony Hawk level.” I have no idea why. It just sort of popped into my head.

Edit: I didn’t notice any bugs but there may have been a few typos. They weren’t big or frequent enough for me to remember where they were though.


Nice to hear that you enjoyed it! To answer your questions:

@Krodmandoon Yes. You won’t be able to meet all girls on day one. But, since day two, after the intro is done and the player has some choice about where to go, you’ll have similar events (with small variations) to get to know the people that you missed. However, the plan is for first day intros to have an affection point bonus.

@KuarterBound If all goes well to balance out the costs of making it, the idea is to make monthly updates. From what I’ve tried, having sprites rather than complete scenes helps against that infamously long rendering process. So, at least for now, a month looks like a managable timeframe to add 1) some day-to-day events, 2) a couple of one-off events, 3) a full weight gain scene with complete images rather than sprites.

@ThatOneCoyote Thanks! I can see the parallel to a PS1 Tony Hawk game lol.

I also want to take the chance to give a shout-out to @jarlewski for his top-notch Ren’Py tips. They were very useful for preemptively solving some coding problems that would have appeared in the long run. :v:


Oh my, it looks so promising. It was so nice to go thru the introduction. Great pictures and dialogues as well…


You’ve moved the text box to the left instead of leaving it fullsize or non-fullsize but centered. I do not really like this, it makes reading much harder. I hate it when websites do this.

Now you might’ve done this so people can appreciate 100% of the height of your full art? Maybe? But IMO that’s not needed ren’py game players are mostly quite used to hitting middle mouse or h in order to hide the text and appreciate a full screen image, moving the text off the center of the screen just makes it harder to read.

If you really really really don’t want to cover up models knees you could move everything up, or alter the opacity of the text background so it’s more see through.

edit1: I do wonder if there’s an easy enough edit for this that a single player could implement in the code if the author didn’t want to revert the choice. Anyone happen to know how? or does this text box placement alignment crop up 100s of times rather than say just once or twice in the code?

edit2: I’ve noticed that your choice to make the textbox on the side and the models on the right actually makes it harder for me to see the models. Yes they’re more visible on my monitor but I have to turn my head to the left and so I can’t even see them at all while I read. On top of that many text lines are short, so the text box starts on the left and I only read the far left side.

SO, if you MUST move the textbox like this (I’m against it, but since you did it, you must be in favor of it), move it to the right, if the textbox were pushed to the right instead of the left, then the 2 word phrases would place my eyes at the center of the screen still easily able to see both the text and the girls. I’d only have to look away from the center of the screen to read long passages. Moving the textbox left instead of right means looking to the side for both long and short passages instead of just long ones.

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This was a really fun play through. I expected an early build to be pretty boilerplate without much content, but I was able to play this through I think 4 times to hit each of the scenes and choices I wanted to hit. The characters really felt lively, each having their own personality and motivations. All of the dialogue and interactions felt natural and real. The renders were all high quality. Probably my only nitpick is that I ran into quite a few typos. Enough to be noticeable and be worth running through the dialogue a second time to correct them, not enough to significantly take away from my enjoyment of the game.

Character wise, I enjoyed all of them. I think Patrizia and Georgina easily made for the ones I’m most interested in seeing future scenes of, but I can’t say that any of them felt uninteresting or not worth seeing more of.


I found this to be an interesting start. I particularity look forward to seeing what you have in store for Georgina and Patrizia. For some reason, those two characters stuck out to me more than the others.

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I felt the same way. I think in general, here are my thoughts on each of the characters (roughly ranked in terms of interest in the stories):

  • Georgina - restaurant owner/heiress who can be sassy/rude but clearly has a sweet/caring side to her. Her character comes off really genuine, and I’m always a big fan of the corporate big shot WG like that, especially if it comes with personality softening as well.

  • Patrizia - someone losing a lot of weight to then realize she liked it and gains it back is definitely another fun genre for me. She also has a little bit of the rough around the edges but actually a kind/caring person vibe, which I really like.

  • Eudora - The shyness was endearing, and I really want to learn more about the backstory on this one.

  • Lola - Flirty party girl lifestyle definitely could make for a fun weight game story. Probably not my favorite in real life, but I see a lot of potential for really good writing and gameplay here.

  • Wanda - Her character was a little TOO brash for my tastes, hence why she falls below Lola even though she has some good writing/story potential here.

  • Sakura - A really likeable character, though I’m not a gamer and don’t really find huge interests in those types of plots.

  • Gabrielle - Her character was really nice and I think the side plot would be fun with the bakery, but I’m in general just never really interested in the bakery fattening plots.

  • Delilah - An interesting personality who will likely add good flavor to the story, but I have trouble seeing where the plot would go here.

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I didn’t personally have issues reading with it moved but I can relate to the issue of reading and paying attention to the models changes in appearance and their movement position changes being harder to try to focus on both since they are on opposite sides of the screen.

Some devs will force a removal of the dialogue box for things they want the player to have full view of with no box in the way. For instance, I think any of the times the character’s change to show a past weight gain or appearance change would normally be an instance of removing the dialogue box. Then, making the player click or use the advance dialogue keys to move through the images or scene like normal.

And as you indicated the nice thing about renpy is being able to hide the user interface at will with the H key. So, if a player wanted to view the full model whenever they are able to without needing to have it moved.

You have a fair point there. I am personally not a fan of using the H button during Ren’Py games (for some reason, feels to me like jumping from seeing a multilayered world, to watching a still). Plus, I assumed it would be a perk that most players are not aware of.

I won’t promise anything, but I am open to testing the staple screen-wide textbox to see how it works.

However, I agree with the suggestion you made in the last paragraph. It makes much more sense for legibility. I’ll give it a shot in the bug/typo fix version!


Several typos - is English your native language? If not, don’t worry about them, at least at present. Didn’t find any bugs.

Great start - well done!

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Great start - A lot of potential here!

  • The models all look really attractive, you’ve made some nice backgrounds, and the minor animation work really gives some nice energy to the scenes.

  • I also think you made some great character hooks (I’m even a bit jealous of them, haha). They’re well written with good variation to make them all distinct characters. I’m also a sucker for a lot of the classic WG tropes you’ve set up here, so that’s always a plus, too!

  • I’m curious how branching you are planning on making each character’s path (or if you are going to have other things like character interactions), because you have quite a few characters to juggle and a lot stories to write! By all means, go for as much (or as little) as you want, but just make sure you don’t swamp yourself with grand visions… take it from someone who has done that a few times, haha.