Thoughts on my dynamic avatar drawer.

Toying with the idea of dynamically drawing any character based on their stats, for my game. This is a rough first pass attempt. Looking for feed back on things like how the proportions look, or ideas of how to improve it.


It looks pretty good so far. I think one thing I’d change, if possible, is how the legs just cinch up at the bottom. Knees don’t do that when you gain weight.

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Minor, obvious suggestion: have the image centered instead of sliding back and forth.
Probably not a high priority, just figured I should mention it.

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This is actually quite impressive, even as it is it still would work well as a visual aide. Aside from maybe giving it a more defined pair of knees (mainly at higher weights) it seems decent.

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I know about the knee issue(they currently are a static placeholder value), my problem is that i do not currently having a way to determine what size they are. I have found/pieced together equations to calculate player hip, waist, and bust measurements based on height and weight. Although knees don’t seem to receive the same love and attention from the internet on how to estimate their size based on things like height and weight. Any artists out there who might have a rule of thumb when drawing knees like its generally x percentage of another body part i’d welcome input.

As to centering, the window its drawn in is just a dummy demo window where its actually going to be rendered if this feature makes it to a final version, would have it spaced appropriately relative to other elements.

What do you guys think about the belly hang as the character gains weight relative to the crotch? Too much, to little?

Side quest any graphics programs out there know a good triangulation algorithm? I’d love to take this geometry and pass it through shaders, however first i have to turn this into a 2d mesh.

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The crotch belly weight seems pretty good but I also noticed how the space betwwen the legs just grows when it should shrink due to the fat filling that space up.

It already looks great, honestly. Potentially add a slider for fat distribution (apple vs hourglass).

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I like your thinking, however that is sorta already taken care of in the character stats which the drawing is calculated from. Basically each character has a body shape and as they gain weight their measurements will reflect that. The avatar drawer then uses these measurements to draw the character so no slider needed.

However along the same lines of thinking is sliders for things like double belly vs single, rolls, and other things like stretch marks.

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See, now that would be interesting. I have a… spreadsheet hidden away somewhere that’s compiled a bit of data from feedees I could get a decent set of measurements from and didn’t really think it’d fit neatly enough to regress it into a formula. It definitely wouldn’t be linear and the way people gain weight makes using measurement data quite troublesome (for instance, ‘water weight’ is more readily gained and lost and is what drives most weight gain and loss experiences during and afer meals). It’s not like everyone has the same genes, same bodytype and all that, not to mention that the square cube law makes weight gain nonlinear with measurements and rapid weight gain might lead to visceral fat that doesn’t show up nearly as much in traditional B-W-H metrics (yes, it does affect the waist, but deposits inside the body cavity aren’t gonna show up as neatly as fat around the hips or thighs).

I am well aware that my equations are not perfect, and the model has a few limitations/gotchas however it works well enough to be able to suspend disbelief(its calculated size is in the realm of possible vs outlandish or just straight wrong). One limitation is that it assumes weight gain does not change general body shape.

That said i would also be very interested in this spread sheet and its findings!

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For testing purposes i had to add it to my npc debug window. Also for reference while the feet are not yet drawn each npcs feet are “standing in the same spot” so you can see the height differences. Also not sure what happend to the belly button spacing it seems to be off.

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First attempt at stretchmarks, clearly got some positioning issues to work out. Like idk how it placed one on her face! I ended up in a rabbit hole building a really cool system around stretchmarks for when the character gets them and how they age and fade or expand depending on how much of a glutton they are.