Tower Defence WG game idea

It’s been a while since I started working on my inflation Metroidvania project- and since my will to continue it got shotgunned from a drive failure.

I think I’d like to try making a game again though- this time something that (theoretically) should be a bit less ambitious to accomplish. Just to prove to myself I can actually succeed at making a game, lol.

Taking a little bit of inspiration from Softfoxxo’s Tower Defense game, I’d like to try and make a tower defense game of my own.

I’m currently tossing around two possible ideas:
Idea 1: Probably a lot simpler, a tower defense game where you’re in charge of fullfilling some orders for client potions with the use of slimes. Whatever slime is used causes a different kind of inflation/wg or possibly other kink-based expansions, and each slime has different properties when it’s not the chosen slime. Basically the “chosen” slime is picked automatically per level and aren’t harmed, but the others are taken out by the towers to prevent any extra effects from making their way into the potions.

Eventually there’d be either a between-waves cutscene or a little smaller second window to show the effects the potion’s having on the client.

Idea 2: The towers are either biodrones or just people in the towers operating them, either way they’re able to get fatter. Fattening a tower would make them more powerful and/or add abilities to them, but they would also take up extra space on the board, forcing you to move other towers to make room for them or not build towers close to each other in the first place. It would also make it either more expensive/slower/harder to move them around to other spots on the board in the process, depending on how I decided to implement that feature.

The game might consist of multiple levels, with bonus points awarded the fatter you can get your towers/the more fatter towers you have.

Haven’t really gotten any further than those and the fact that I’d definitely be putting it in Unity because I have at least a little bit of experience in that engine from my time working on the metroidvania game that long ago. So- thoughts? Suggestions on which one to go with or ways to make these ideas better?


I think the 1 st is better but you could try both ideas it would make it different from other tower defense games

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Meaning like both ideas in the same game, or just trying out both ideas?

I might end up doing both eventually if whatever I go with for my first try goes well and game dev clicks for me, if that makes any sense, heh.

I meant same game
bla bla filling 20 chapters

Ahh, gotcha. I guess I didn’t really think about the idea of doing both ideas in the same game, I’ll think about trying that out! Especially since, now that I think about it, it’d be pretty easy to just do the first idea- I mean literally all I’d need to do in theory is set a number to each type of slime and have the towers not target that one specific type.

perhaps doing less towers but turning the hub into a city builder and the levels are like supply’s that your city needs and the supply’s is a little different each day but never the less will help your city grow in size and weight plus it would give you more ways of doing things other than just a tower but also now you could see the effects of the weeks or levels go and how it effects your city and if i might as i would call mine obecity is something

So to see if I understand it right- still using the tower defense aspect, but instead of being slimes for clients, it’s supplies and materials for building a city/having multiple ways of obtaining the supplies?

Sounds interesting and I can’t say I’ve heard or seen a game like that instead of slimes the could be merchants and traders