[TPV] The Pokemon Village - Final Version


I’m pleased share my first text adventure and the final version of The Pokemon Village - a Pokemon-themed text adventure weight gain game!

In this game, you take a role of a custom Pokemon and along with your friend Roy, you both go on an adventure to stop the world from falling into imbalance!

VERSION [2019-07-31] (final version): I’ve fixed a few issues, corrected mistakes and changed a bit of dialogue. I’m planning to work on this game in the future, but as I said in the comments, I’m not promising anything.

Current features

  • Two endings
  • Custom Pokemon
  • Weight and fullness system
  • “Choices” with different events

FAQ: TPVfaq.pdf (125.9 KB)

(try opening in Chrome/Firefox/Opera if you’re having problems, extract first)


I hope we can check Character in anytime, especially in the END .
Roy:Kneeling in front of your Lord, lard Gardevoir. She will fatten you and make you unable to move, so that this beautiful fat can filled with your flesh.

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Hey, I need some help: I can’t download It (more like can’t play it) I’m trying play It. But It can’t open It only goes to internet explorer and tell me to download It again! And It won’t open, I really want to play this. But I can’t, am I missing something? Am I doing It wrong?

you should use chrome to open it

How can I open It in chrome? (Sorry, I’m a nub at this.)

open and drag file in

Drag It in chrome? Ok, I can try.

I did It, It worked!

Worked in Chrome for me. I had to download WinRAR to extract it though; it wouldn’t play nice with 7zip.

This is a very good game so far! Very good content and I’m very glad you included male stuff as well as female- which is refreshing to see! Good job and I hope to see more of this :))
(The only gripe I have is your spelling of probably- not to be rude! but it appeared a couple times :))


It worked for me. Try just double clicking it.

The game is short and pretty linnear. I hope that the game is expanded uponfurther releases having more than just 2 endings with different cinditions needed to meet in order to get them.


It’s a major improvement from the previous test! Also, thanks for including me in the thank you section =D! I may have already asked this, but i wanted to be sure, is there any plans for chest weight gain, as in breasts, for female pokemon?

I’m planning to include more detailed weight gain in my future games.
It’ll propably be open-world text adventure

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Are there other programs besides WinZip that can open this? I’m asking this because my free trial for WinZip expired awhile ago and I don’t want to spend money on a program just to extract a file.

7zip, WinRar. Either of these should work.

I would recommend WinRar, as far as I know, the best free app to extract files. WinRar tells you there is a limited trial period, but there isn’t. They realised they earn more money by only forcing corporations to pay.

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I just use 7-Zip because WinRAR didn’t work for me once while I was doing some stuff, and I also find it overall cleaner and easier to use.

A great game, just wished the epilogues were longer and more in detail. though i will say, i am glad you went for the “no belly left unfattened” route


I’m looking forward to your future work!

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