Trapped in the high castle, Updated 8/18/2022, stoped being worked on as of 08/21/2022

So this is a game that is being made, tell me what you think of it and what could be improved.

Updated: 8/18/2022, More thing to do, now you can look at your self with two more weights (for now the descriptions are pretty bare), more things to eat, you can now increase and decrease your lust and gluttony , also on day 7 there is a event that will be part of the story (changes will be made to this scene in the future)

News: due do how I made the early code in the game it is now basically a pain in the ass to add stuff on to the game and rather than fixing it I’m just going to make a new game, if you have any ideas what I should make go here: What should I make?


A few grammar errors and nearly got stuck due to the eat option for some reason removing the sleep function. Also the gluttony level doesn’t go any higher (at least displayed) 0.2 but the lust displays it correctly.
Also are there two descriptions for weight currently or are there more? Otherwise, I think you just need to add a few more things to do (things related to gluttony and lust) and perhaps a way to lower them should a player want to.


looking in the mirror doesn’t give any prompt to continue, in fact there are many suc dead ends.

I like the premise, I just think game needs a few more options before it’ll properly click for me.

I’m interested in seeing where this goes though, best of luck with the project.

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yeah, I’m still learning how to code, I’m working on a new update that will redo the way the play eats and adding a few new things and making fixes, and in the new update there will be a way for the player to lower lust and gluttony, and thank you for the feed back

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Thank you for the feed back, I will see what is wrong with the code.

Thank you for the kind words

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Great so far just needs more descriptions and more to do which im just listing off updates so i look forward to more.

Thanks for the feed back, for now the descriptions will be a bit bare as i am mostly trying to get more stuff to do in the game, in the next update there will be a bit more to do.

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I like the premise you have here. Look forward to your next attempt.

Kinda sad, that it stopped.

I might bring it back at some point, maybe.

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