Trapped Together Part 1 by Kraban Version 1.2 Now for both Windows and Mac

Trapped Together is a project that has been years in the making by digital artist Kraban. The dev was nice enough to allow the game to be shared here with proper credit and links.


Trapped Together is a full 3D environment weight gain dating sim set in the 80’s following the story of four roommates who are forced to stay in their home due to an unknown crisis. The player will be stuck with three other potential female feedees roommates, Seiko, Aiysha, and Heather. Thankfully you’re well prepared and have an endless stash of food for such an emergency. The project will feature predominantly weight gain with certain kink elements reserved between the different girls.


  • Introduction comic drawn by Kraban.
  • A fully interactive 3D environment set in the early 80’s.
  • Choose to interact with up to three unique characters with various preferences, kinks, and their own story and routes that will continue into Part 2 of the series.
  • Explore your surroundings in first person, as you unlock quests and events for each character.
  • High quality models, animations, and graphics.
  • 80’s themed music, sound effects and atmosphere.
  • Many display and graphic options, speech, music and SFX volume control
  • Interactive feeding scenes

  • Sex scenes with animations


  • Left mouse button to advance dialogue and interact with objects/people in game.
  • WASD or arrow keys for movement.
  • Skip text when possible with tab.
  • Shift for faster movement.
  • Q to bring up the quest log.
  • Esc brings up the options/save/load/quit menu.

Future plans

The game will be released in multiple parts (three total) this being Part 1.

Unofficial walkthrough/guide

Download link for part one:

Download the game from Kraban’s itch page: Trapped Together Part1 by KBN Games (

Development Changelog

Version 1.1
  • Fixed major character path crossing bug
  • Added a quest hub (to do list) mechanic: press “Q” to bring up to do list menu
  • Adjusted mouse sensitivity
  • Better Walk/Run speed
  • Doubled the amount of saves as well as more info when loading them (there are now ten saves instead of five, and each save now has date and time to more easily tell them apart)
  • Highlight on quest specific objects/elements
  • Main menu UI writing is now more visible
  • Fixed a bug where certain prompts/objects would reset
  • You are no longer alone once you’ve completed the girls’ adventures

Full 1.1 devlog write up here

Version 1.2
  • Added Mac support
  • Revised Controls for both movement and speed (a slider will be added to part 2)
  • Last unruly bits and pieces

Full 1.2 devlog write up here.

Kraban’s links:

DA: kraban - Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Twitter: (2) Kraban (@KrabanArt) / X (

FA: Userpage of Kraban – Fur Affinity [dot] net

Itch: KBN Games -

If you like the game, have feedback, or just generally want to stay up to date with the latest games and information Kraban is working on feel free to check out their discord. Kraban's Korner


cant wait to try it out i have seen kraban art for a few years now so this got me excited! :smiley:


Suspicious that the game can only be installed by an executable.
Doubly suspicious that it set off my antivirus software.

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Lot’s of games use EXE’s and come packaged with an installer. The file was clean from what I have checked. If you use something like windows defender it’s known for false flags. Still best to be safe the sorry, I would recommend using another site or program to check if you get the same positive hit on whichever file that came up.


I did not get any hits on it but on the note of gameplay for the love of god i hope next update lets us adjust the look sens cuz if this is what the dev move on normaly god forbid i run in to them in a shooter game XD besides that loveing it so far but without a guide i cant tell weather im stuck, softlockd, or just being a idiot and not clicking/cheking the right spots :sweat_smile:


Yeah I feel ya. Look sensitivity is one of the things on my list of feedback so far.

So is it safe? My anti-virus REALLY doesn’t like this game

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I’ve not seen any issues myself I’ve run it through personal scans and online. VirusTotal - File - 41c50cfb257f41978478a9aedc94d9e17931713eeabe3bd121856ea3d7000a72

Which antivirus software do you use?


Unity strikes again! Their games tend to trip antivirus software for whatever reason. I run in to it with my games and it happens to a lot of other devs. Obviously you should always be skeptical of unknown applications but this seems to be safe and just unity being unity.


i have been soft locked quite a few times, the shower scene has locked me out the basement and also locked her in the bathroom and theres nothing as far as im aware i can do

I’ve played the game in a virtual machine just to be safe, and I haven’t noticed any problems yet. As Kord says, its just how unity works.

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I’ve been watching your progress on deviant for a while now and I am exited to try it out

at Sieko old photo and i do not have any idea what to do

Make sure to check under the chair in her bedroom for the note as well. Then you should be able to go into your bedroom and sleep as long as you have picked up the walkie talkies.


There is normally still something to do somethings are really hidden. Which part of the bathroom scene are you on for which girl? There might still be something to do and you are not actually soft locked.

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well currently on this attempt it says leave let seiko shower, then aysha wants the yoga mat but i cant go down stairs as it keeps saying theres something to do, but the other girls door Heather is locked so unless theres something in her room that im missing. i go into seikos bedroom but unless theres something very hidden and specific, i cant click on anything i can see

I will say. I’m not sure when the normal place for going down stairs the first time happens when I first played I did not get the message to go down and check on the food in storage when I first left the players room after choosing to “Get started.” I believe the correct time for this event to happen is right after you leave your room for the first time. Take that into consideration as there maybe an actual bug preventing your progress but I would need further testing on that (as it happened to me.)

With that said. The first time she is in the shower and you have peeked into the bathroom it tells you to explore her room. You need to click on the strange tube on top of her dresser by the foot of her bedroom. Then the MC talks about tidying up their bedroom. You can then go into your room and click on the walkie talkies on the desk and that should remove Seiko from the shower. And she would be sleeping on the bed from there.

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I can’t figure out how to install it. Once I reach the installer, windows AGGRESSIVELY considers it a trojan and removes the file even if i select “allow threat”

You need to most likely allow, white list, or add an exclusion to your anti virus/ security. I’m not sure what you are using specifically but I would guess Windows defender/security. Something like this might be able to help. Add an exclusion to Windows Security - Microsoft Support

There’s a toggle for both windows 11/10.

Got softlocked after feeding everyone but Aiysha. Then Aiysha was “busy” so with 2 girls comatose after a feeding and 1 not doing anything. I make my leave