Trick URP Treat 0.2

How much of a Halloweenie are you…?

Trick URP Treat is my very first (IN PROGRESS) game like this so I hope you enjoy it. It’s a POV story about the last Halloween you can get away with trick or treating and taking advantage of that to the fullest. Travel from door to door, stuffing your face and meeting maybe not-so-unique characters and getting into fattening situations!

Here is a sample from the excellently worded preface:

ive wanted to make a game like this for a while now and finally got around to trying out twine
stuff might be buggy
things might not make sense
this game could turn out to be not fun at all
but i still hope you like it

How interesting!

Please do let me know if any part of the game doesn’t work or feels off, I did this in my free time so I struggled keeping track of some smaller details. Any suggestions, improvements, tips, feedback or anything like that feel free to let me know.

General content warning:

  • Weight gain
  • Burps
  • Immobility
  • Teasing
  • Clothes ripping (from being fat)
  • Sweating (from being fat)
  • Embarrassment (surprisingly, from being fat)
  • And a lot more fat fetish content

So far, there aren’t any images in the game. I also have a very limited drawing ability which means, as much as people hate it, I would be using AI art if any. Not 100% certain on this though since I think the game will work pretty okay without any visuals but if that is something that people talk about enough or ask for I’ll consider it.

Also one more time this game ISN’T finished and is just a rough demo atm. Lots of dead ends, lots of typos, lots of mess.

ok thats basically it byebye :smile_cat:


I’m loving it already, can’t wait to see this being developed and how the story goes.


So is the immobility and what not stuff in the demo or does that only come later?

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From what i can read from the descriptions maybe going with no images might be better since they are descriptive enough to the point that you can easily imagine what is happening, and i belive that adding art, especially ai art might cause some confusion.


love it so far!

I’ll say though, I think the party is bugged. I go through all the options I can, and I never find an option to actually leave


thanks i’m glad u like it! i’m not sure there’ll be much of an overarching story like some games have, but ill try my best to keep it consistent along the way

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basically yes. the more areas/places to get candy show up, the heavier the player is expected to get. i forget the current max weight in the demo but its not enough to get to the next weight level.


yeah that is something a few people over on deviantart have told me. MAYBE i’ll make two different versions, one with and one without ai art, but for now i think no visuals works for the game

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oops yeah i had forgotten to add the back button on that part, thanks for the catch!

i probably wont patch the game for a good minute, or at least until the next update is out whenever i get the time, sorry

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Love the demo i look foward to seeing more :grinning:


I was able to reach the wip chunky weight stage when I gave it a little play through


Is the player character currently written with the intention of being male or female? At the moment, it’s rather ambigous which is a good thing in my opinion as it means that people who like playing as one gender won’t be deterred.

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yea in the preface i say something like that


Liking what you have so far. Keep it up!

By the way, the inventory seems to be really bugged. New items don’t show up in it and one item has an error code of some sort.

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thanks, ill try my hardest to work on this project some more but no promises lol

and double thanks for the heads up about the inventory, i think i forgot a bracket somewhere or something like that. but as of now, there isn’t really anything you CAN do with the inventory other than look at what you collected so you aren’t missing out on anything important.



I already wrote something for the dev log but whatever ill just copy a snippet here

A HUGE thank you everyone who played this stupid game and gave feedback on it!

I can’t say that I am planning on working on this title again, though I am certainly working on something I think will be more fun for me to develop.

Basically, you aren’t missing out on much if you skip this update. Maybe later in the year when Halloween rolls around I’ll be in the mood to work on some spooky shit but honestly I am not a HUGE fan of the Harlowe Twine language anymore. I am working on another game (in twine (I know I know not a real game blah blah)) and I hope you guys like it.

Pretty much it BYE BYE :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


I am not sure if these are bags, but here they are:

(this one is with a text error)

If I get to Glen Drive or check yourself while being chunky I cant return (button is reacting, but I cant move any further). And that is not the first time when I stuck (first one was on Roof Top Party, but it os fixed now), so restart or return button would be nice.

No “back button” here:

I am not sure how this happeneed, but

Spoilers, blur works once for some reason

after I go the same way as pervious time, but this time, before going to Timber Ave, I came to the prize wheel and spun it three times (as many as I was allowed) and did not get the right prize. After the journey, I decided to test myself again and got this,

and did not stuck.

Or… Not? I am lost, I tried couple more rounds and errors change each other places :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Most of these bugs are easy to fix, and I decided to cobble together a patch/revised version (for the sake of people who’d want to experience the 0.2 demo without errors). Regarding the errors themselves, here’s a quick rundown of each (grouped into categories, since it’s really just two errors repeated a few times):

  • Anywhere where an IF: macro is combined with another macro needs to be punctuated with a + between them, which was omitted in various places. Adding a + allows the text to display as intended.

  • The weight-stages script (currently located in the footer of each paragraph) used to break once you got past the ‘chunky’ weight threshold, since the one after wasn’t properly implemented. I left some comments regarding how I’d change the implementation thereof in the future, since as is the system’s pretty janky (however, it was easy enough to fix once I did a codewalk and figured out what it was doing).

  • I didn’t fix the ‘no back button for Timber Ave.’ bug, since I’m unsure where the back button should take you/how the game wants to implement you looping back around to town after finishing a segment. It’d be really trivial to fix, so I probably should’ve just included a ‘loop back around to Town Square’ link at the very end. I decided to fix this by just making the way down and way back two-way, like how Market Heights handles it.

  • Fixed a minor inventory typo, also added a back link to the pumpkin event.

Aside from bugfixes, I’ve only ‘added’ one extra paragraph, for the sake of smoothing over how the joke-area you can get to from Town Square functions. I’ve left comments in the code anywhere where I changed something major, but the paragraphs effected should be pretty trivial to spot (assuming the developer reads this). I’ll include a download link for my fixed version below, since otherwise you’d need to manually edit the .html file after importing it into Twine (or using Tweego/Twee), and that’d obviously take a while.

(Fixed Version Link)
_Trick URP Treat 0.2.2 (170.4 KB)


That helps, thanks. But is this just me, or “fat” text on higher doesnt shows up in this version? For example, after you get candies from app. 802 (I think?), there is not text about you pet your belly.
Here is text error (missed a “candle” word at the beginning):

  • Warms up your hands when they get chilly. It also gives you a 23 point STR bonus when equipped on a full moon!

About chocolate pumpkin: I know it is in very WIP state, but… “back” button? Probably its not even needed, it is early build of a small game.


Fixed what you mentioned, mostly. The “Fat” text does appear, it just has a very high threshold to do so (250 lbs) versus the other version, likely since the weight states are amorphous/a work in progress. I won’t be doing anything else to/for the game since it’s not really my project, though it’s at least in the stage of not having any overt softlocks now: should make it easier to check out.