Trojan Fatty (Play as a hungry computer virus!)

Trojan Fatty is a puzzle game made using RPG Maker MV. As a computer virus, it’s your job to invade a supercomputer and hack the mainframe by pressing random buttons before the time runs out! You’ll play as Seraph, an A.I. who’s struggling to find her purpose in life (and why she’s hungry all the time). The more she progresses on her journey, the more she’ll realize how her actions are changing society as a whole (with her gluttony).

Play it here: Trojan Fatty by Sea Bea (MediaFire)

In-game screenshots:


Screenshots please.
I can’t speak for other people, but I don’t download games without seeing what they look like first.

EDIT: Thanks.

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Added some in just now.


First of all, you truly made a charismatic protagonist, I poked around at the files and really loved all the art of hers.

For me the puzzles were well adjusted, with a good curve as more trap tiles were introduced.

If I had to say a bad thing on purpose, having a timer while on a combat really made me nervous. Even if combat is easy and is really hard to lose, I was scared of the timer going down before I could finish it, which thankfully never happened.

The sounds effects were good, liked them too!

Can’t wait to see this become a full game!


Props to the inventiveness of some of the puzzles. It’s no small feat to create puzzle levels for a Jam and though there was a little bit of RPGM tile wonkiness in spots (I had one softlock in the level which is split into two halves, on the right-hand side with the green arrows and glass) I could more or less muddle through.

Seraph was a charming character! Always fun to see a character embracing their gluttonous desires. The tone of the game is suitably light and silly and Seraph firmly embodies that tone.

Oh! And kudos to you for stretching RPGMaker with an original theme. This game should be held as an example among others to all the naysayers decrying the lack of interesting RPGMaker games out there.


This is certainly one to watch: endearing protag, great premise, wonderful puzzle use, and writing worth reading.

I look forward to Chapter 2 :slight_smile:

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Good job really enjoyed it!

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Mild goof to report on an otherwise fun little puzzler: The save prompt that opens up on level failure literally saves you in a Game Over state. XD

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The puzzle where easy, until you added the timer. I do love challenging puzzle games.

Gameplay is great, however i would have wanted a few more sizes for the character not just stuffed and not stuffed. Other than that its a fun speed thinker.


really enjoyed this game! I hope you get to work on it more

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This was some incredibly fun gameplay! I’m glad the fight sequences are simple one-two combos with reflect, then byte, or with the megabytes, quick fast ones, and the puzzles were interesting, though I brute forced a few until I figured out one of the new mechanics. That last timer could be reduced, but I won’t ask you to do that. You’ve made an incredible game. And though I’ve hedged by bets with another game, I really like yours. Well done!


I really like this game, but I’m having trouble with save files. If I do screw up a puzzle, the safe files just aren’t working for me. Says that the saves “are for a different game,” even if I’ve completely cleared out the local store before I play the game.

In case you want to look into this bug, I’m using Ubuntu 20.04, Firefox (whatever the latest version is), and I’ve tried both xampp and the python3 http.server to get the game to save properly. It does the same thing in all cases so far.


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I like it is an original game, I like the story and the main character besides not using very complex mechanics this game goes to the saves and the watch list I hope it has an expansion because it has to give more this game, and congratulations to the creator.
I apologize in advance if it is not understood.


I’m glad you’re all enjoying the game! Once gain jam is over, I’ll reupload this game in the projects category once gain jam is over so I can keep the comments up and address minor tweaks. The next major update won’t be for months, possibly not until 2022 due to school, but this update will include the conclusion of Seraph’s story and a few other surprises…

I forgot to disable saving once the players die lol. Will change in the next minor update.

Definitely did not have enough time to add more belly sprites. I promise in the major update you’ll see more poses of Seraph.

The reason why the last level timer was so high was because of the clock mechanic. In the next minor update, I’ll include a level explaining how the clock works and reduce the time of the last level.

Unfortunately, autosaving is pretty bad in my game rn and I can’t deliver a fix immediately. In the next minor update, I’ll try to address this issue.


Oh!..? I thought that was just to change the direction of the crystal booster?


Oh, whoops, I forgot to say “The reason why the last level timer was so high was to teach players how to use the clock mechanic.” It’s still meant to change the crystal’s direction!


I was impressed by the variety of puzzles in this. Well done!

Main complaint would be the booster fireballs were a little temperamental - I kept getting myself stuck between a pair and forgetting to walk into the one opposite to the tile I wanted to end up in.


Great game, looking forward for the next part.

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Okay this game is Very good some of the puzzle are hard but after some time and MANY Deaths I found away so they are not impossible and the story crazy and fun but it need a restart button puzzle because I would get stuck and have to Reload my save Thank goodness for the fact this game has autosave.

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Was this problem only on the last level or the entire third phase as a whole?

Yeah, autosave was my makeshift solution toward having a “reset” button. I’ll see if I can include a proper reset button in the major update.

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