trying to find a game

hey im trying to find a game it’s a text adventure you could choose your species one of the species you could choose was human its was also a rpg

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That could describe any number of RPGs in Flash alone, do you have any more specific memories of it?

it had weight gain you had a fullness meter and when it went over a certain number you would pass out and respawn back at home the link was on weight gaming also and it was made with unity

I was going to say Tainted Elysium, but that’s not made in Unity.
Uhhhh, no clue, honestly.

there was a metal slime enemy and you had to download a file then you just play it (maybe it could be played on a chromebook?)

note: your probaly can’t

or you maybe didnt have to download it
still the game appeared on a diffrent tab

another one of the species you could choose was a Crocodile

Might be Fatty text adventure game but it isn’t in Unity

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i remeber playing that but that’s wasnt what i was talking about the human option wasnt in the fatty text adventure

True, but you can make a custom character, and have it be a human

There was this one game called WGRPG but that one only works in JAVA not Unity.