Desperate to find lost twine wg/tf rpg browser game

Hey there, been scouring the internet, history on accounts and old hhd’s for 12 hours, and I’m desperate now that I’m 90% close to finding it!

I remember playing it in browser between 2014-2018, then again 2019-2021, so know it’s been relatively accessible the last few years.

The game itself resembles a combination of:

Fatty Text Adventure” by noone andWGRPG” by Vilified

The gameplay was very similar to Fatty text adventure, but expanded upon with more art assets, slightly diferent ui, and gameplay features such as foraging & exploring areas, navigating by cardinal direction (n/s/e/w) instead of map tile constraints, status and effects, similar to WGRPG.

Not to mention, the name WGRPG rings true when I think back to it, but much more fleshed out than the Java .exe available, being browser based, and more text heavy. The game would go into great detail and description of your stuffed belly, whether you be impregnated, growing from medicine, harnessed by milking apparatus, or transforming from one race, such as lupine, to another, a slime. It had an expansive range of random encounters, rooms and dungeons to explore, with the vore/preg/wg outcomes for your pc to be vast and many, it was great!

A major feature I remember is spider mech seats that could be purchased/looted/gifted through shops or health insurance once your character got too obese that they would be otherwise rendered immobile, but instead enabled to roam throughout the game at a gargantuan size with use of these mech devices, as per the game lore, which seemed to be well fleshed out from gameplay.

I remember there also being day and night cycles, or the ui changing color based on environment, and of course typical hunger/fulness systems with belly size, body shape description, needing to rest, your character description updated further the bigger you got, etc. Essentially a further developed game inspired and reminiscent of Fatty text adventure.

I only found one other thread strike a chord of semblance, mentioning how human was a race choice in an otherwise anthro dominated list: trying to find a game

I cannot express how desperate I am to find out the name of this game, let alone if it’s even still around, as it’s been driving me up the back wall since I started playing yaffaif (another game with similar features and gameplay), the others mentioned prior, and memories started coming back to me non stop.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



FTA - Fatty Text Adventure Game by noone_fa
WGRPG - Weight Gain RPG Text Adventure Game Download-Dev 0.33.1 by Vilified -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Believe you’re thinking of Boundless, which has since been discontinued


As the comment from @RussianInternet says, the game you’re describing sounds like Boundless.

This reply from the Boundless forum post has a mega file that contains every version of the game. (Trust me when I say the most recent version of the game is not the best. Read more of the replies on the post I linked if you want to learn more)


Discontinued, and a nightmare to understand


You might still be able to find the Boundless 4CE copy somewhere around the internet, the original Boundless dev got mad and slapped the mod team around a bunch, but IIRC they saved the files and hosted it somewhere else.
Also, yeah, Boundless was kinda awful, everything was so randomized, unexplained, overly complicated (not in a good way), and even a bit grindy, so you’re stuck just checking every tile of every area on every planet one-by-one in the hopes something good might happen and you might get lucky enough to NOT get hit by some unavoidable thing that’s going to turn you into a meat pile made of ???.
The 4CE fixed a bunch of stuff and improved quite a lot, but they added in some sexual content, which set the dev off, but I’ll never understand why that goober was so pissed because it’s not like there were any OCs being messed with and it’s not like the original game was being updated. Sometimes I figure he got mad because they were taking away some of the attention.


Amazing responses thanks, nice to see the flashes of vague memories were enough to describe the hot, buggy mess it was. It’s a shame to hear the game’s discontinuation, but rightfully said it was very random and difficult to understand.

I remember coming back to it and the experience being much different after a couple years, so better versions earlier on sounds about right. Don’t believe I’m familiar with 4CE, so I’ll give that a hunt to play/read up on, and regardless check out the boundless thread.

Many thanks again, speedy & informative responses have been brill ta.

Are there any other download links for the WGRPG? I’ve never played that one, I’d like to try it! This download link seems to have died at some point.

Believe you can find it on the WGRPG thread here: Wgrpg

Otherwise, think I downloaded it here: wgrpg mod

I took an interest in the game and decided to dig around a bit for a download, of which I managed to snag the original so I’ll link below a download for both the mod and the original.

Clickity click
Please note: these are untested, I literally just grabbed and threw it into a zip file.

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Is Boundless the one with the Kobolds and can turn you into a Kobold or am I thinking of a different one?

I believe you’re thinking of Yaffaif.

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Oh I see it’s been updated, how is it?

I’m definitely gonna say Boundless. (the spider mech thing)

That game was like a fever dream and I could barely understand it, but a very unique project in terms of ambition and execution.

anyone have the olld versions of boundless? they were sent to me before but the link is dead

Is the 4CE version of Boundless that was mentioned still around?

What’s the difference between the regular/mod version? Does the Mod already have the Version 2 stuff already installed?

the link right above your reply from loller is the 4CE version / the mod version. it tells you all of the changes that had been made to it in the link on the bottom of the page that goes to here

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Are the Death and Infections really a part of the fetishes included in the game or just more so content warning. Cause I am not into snuff. Or is the death referring to vore and infections like zombies or something?