Anyone got a link or a download to vilified wgrpg link on furaffinity seems broken.


@Runevoid The game has been dead for over a year now. The server in which the game ran on stopped hosting ( Which means the server was deleted) There is a link somewhere that has the master folder that includes all the game data, but you can only play the game if you create a new server for it. You would also have to host this server 24/7. No one has figured out how to do this yet. Its a shame because WGRPG was by far one of the greatest WG games I have ever had the privilege to play. I miss it.

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I feel your pain my guy

That’s a different thing altogether. He’s asking about Vilified/kilif’s old Java game. It’s also been dead for years, but it’s an offline applet - no server necessary.

@kilif I’ve still got this saved on my MediaFire account; are you opposed to the link being shared?

Share away.

Note to anyone else that wants to play this for some ungodly reason, I don’t have the source code anymore, so any bugs are there for good.

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Yay I can’t wait to try it out!! THX!!

There was a mod of this game floating around out there eons ago, does anyone have that?

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wgrpg mod I think this is the one? I believe the only difference is that the PC enjoys gaining weight and there’s flavor text to that effect.

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You’re talking about Turris Puesco, right? I think the source was available on some git site. Does anybody have the link for that? I’d be interested in taking a crack at getting it running.

I wish there were more games like this. Hard to find, but they’re always fun to play, even if they’re half-baked.

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@eidde yes I am talking about Turris Puesco. That game was sooo damn good! I wish we could all get a chance to play it again. Heres a copy of the master file: wgrpgv2-master copy.zip (480.7 KB)

Good Luck!

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Don’t sell the game short, it’s a nostalgic thing of beauty to me. Yeah it never got much passed a tech demo, but a lot of care went into accurately (or at least as accurately as can be expected) estimating the relations between height, weight, and metabolism, which nothing else has ever really come close to since. And I loved the idea behind the greed stat.

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how do i run the game?

You have to host it on a local web server. I used XAMPP, and got the game to run by importing the SQL database into phpMyAdmin and connecting to it in XAMPP.

The problem, however, is that the SQL database included in UDaddy’s zip and the github for the game is incomplete. There are a lot of tables that are just outright missing, making the game unplayable, or, at the very least, missing content. For example as it stands, the database does not include any of the floor 3 content.

That being said, I’ve been doing work over the past few days to try to rebuild the database and get the game in a good position again. I’ve basically been playing the game over and over again, and fixing issues as they arrise, because I know that near all of those issue are with the database.

I don’t know if I’ll release the updated database though. I’d have to see what Crypic thinks about it. If he thinks it’s OK, I’ll probably release it (and maybe do some more work on it? idk).

I didn’t get as far as you, but that’s pretty much the conclusion I came to as well. Looking at the repository, the last time the SQL folder was updated was before quests, classes, and the 3rd floor were added, and there’s probably a lot more little things in addition to those. Hopefully you’re able to release it, it would be a shame to do all of that work and not be able to show it off. Thanks, and good luck!

@ChairInTheRoom As long as you share the updated working link/ file to me Ill be happy! Please fix the game it would mean so much. Thx.

Hey :smiley:
I am super interested in programming and stuff, but got no one till now teaching me… you seem quite skilled… Could you help learning the basics and always update me whenever there are news about wgrpg- i am really interested in this one :smiley:I dont know how to write personal messages here, i dont even know if its possible :joy:
Greetings Horbsch

If you are looking for programming help or advice I would suggest you make a post in the programming sub category unless you have specific questions on this game.

Are we able to ask questions about the game here?
If so I would like to know how you increase your character’s stomach capacity.