Two weight gain games I can't find

A little while back (I think a year or two ago) I played these two wg text-based browser games on my old computer. Since then my old computer broke and can’t get to the browser I played it on but I do remember getting the games from here.

The first game was a story about an astronaut getting sent to space only to be collected by aliens and live out her life on the spaceship. I remember there being a scene where you could go and help out some aliens with their work by climbing into a vent and fixing something for them, however if you got too chubby you’d get stuck and then leave. The MC would also have and go visits to the alien doctor on the ship and be subjected to do some tests with them.

The second game is about a woman who, after her cousin died, began eating a lot until her uncle took her in and began feeding her himself. The story was actually pretty complicated as it required the person playing to keep up with the MC’s comfort, health and various other needs to keep them alive. I never got to beat the game because I found it a bit difficult. The uncle would offer the MC some jobs to do in exchange for money or even let the MC become some sort of lab rat for some sort of weight gaining drugs.

Does anyone know what these games are?


First one sounds like extra-terrestrial gains:

I know the second one but I can’t seem to recall what it was called either I’m afraid.


The 2nd one is Gaining Perspective. I can’t link it atm but I’m sure someone else could.


Damn, at least I know I’m not the only one who knows it. Thanks for the first game tho, I was looking for it everywhere.


for the first game, this would be my guess based on your description:
Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story) - Projects - Weight Gaming


Go for Nem’s answer I’m getting my space games confused! Both are very good though :slight_smile:


The game I was looking for turned out to be Extraterrestrial Gains by Remuke, but this game looks pretty interesting too. I’ll be sure to give it a try later today, thanks!


Yeah! That’s the game I was looking for, thanks so much.

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It never occurred to me how much EG and Abducted have in common lol


I think I have the link