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The game uses rpg maker, find out which one it uses, I believe either VX or VX ace, and download the RTP on the dog maker site

A bit surprised I hadn’t at least tried that- but it isn’t so much a ‘game’ as an interactive story… game ‘balance’ such that it is.

Can you put a link to the game

Pardon the necropost, but I found a short-but-sweet horror-themed game with no source. It’s hosted on a file sharing site, but here’s a video of it being played if you want to play it ‘safe’. Links to the download are in the comments.

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That game is called the fattening. You can find some one already made an unclaimed post for it here:

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My mistake, that’ll teach me to make quick posts without being more thorough. Thanks for letting me know…

From what Kingkabuto linked, it seems folks were having trouble running it. The file in this link worked fine for my non-Korean PC, is it okay if I share?


Do you still have any of her games? (mainly Tropical Paradox) Her account on deviantart recently got deactivated and I still haven’t had the chance to download some of her games.

Honestly, it’s not super worth it. The story’s incomplete, and the really rough English make it more of a chore to get through than it’s ultimately worth. Plus, a bunch of the sprites are misaligned, and it looks goofed.
I’ll leave a dropbox link here, for a bit, but I’m not gonna host it for long. I’d rather mainly use Dropbox for my own game, lol

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seems a lot of people are trying to download the game, as I’m getting a high traffic warning when I try the link

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Only 40 people are downloading this, so I would say uploading it to mediafire is a better option. Or Google Drive if that’s an option.

If people want it, again, I’ll put it on mediafire or something, but for now I’ve deleted the file and link. If someone successfully got it, they’re welcome to do that, before me. I’m not exactly invested in spending any more time with this file than I already have.

You wouldn’t believe how long it took to get that damn thing onto Dropbox.

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Okay, thanks for sharing anyways!

But if you could, that would most appreciated.

Does anyone else happen to have a copy of Tropical Paradox that they could share on Mediafire? (Dropbox isn’t the most viable option) I’d love to see what that game could’ve been if Beabelly hadn’t deactivated her account and quit.

I doubt so, is really hard to find Beabelly stuff nowadays. I don’t remember if she work with Narukami in that proyect, maybe he would have a copy, but I don’t think so. It’s really sad that most of her legacy will be forgotten.

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Not so much forgotten as buried by herself, when she made like three new accounts in a year, and deleted the old ones.

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Missed oppourtunities…this is reminding me to check this one out more often.

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Yeah, ya never really stop to think about how valuable those opportunities really are until they’re gone! Just like the Wii Shop Channel! Never thinking about how valuable those games can be until they take the whole thing down…

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