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I’ve run a few programs that do that. It’s usually a sloppy bit of code that requests the best possible refresh rate from the graphics hardware – more than the display needs. The whine you hear is probably the power regulation chips “sympathetically” screaming about the graphics refreshing internally at such an insane rate. It’s generally not harmful.[/quote]

That would be your graphics card rendering at like 1200 fps. Use a frame limiter software to prevent overheating if you have inadequate cooling.[/quote]
Oh good, it’s not just me. I tried this the day after installing a new graphics card and went on a fear induced googling spree.

Here is some games I found today!

Chapter 1: Rori Chapter 2: Antia

Chapter 1 is more stuffing, but Chapter 2 has some weight gain (I think! I haven’t actually gotten to play them yet.) If you like them, give kudos to the creators.

I accidentally stumbled on an RPG I hadn’t been previously familiar with today, from the Boundless creator: The Spiteful Fatty. I also haven’t seen any of the Dexter Sinister games on this list-- they’re not as WG focused but they do feature those expansion elements.

TumbleBE was a game from the BEArchive a long long time ago. Although I forget who wrote it, I should still have a copy of the original download from the site (and not a recycled version from some 3rd party site). When I get the time this weekend, I’ll dig around my old archives and see if I can find it and upload it somewhere.

I seem to have had some issues getting that to run on Windows 7+, but I think I was able to run it in a Virtual Box that I use for old-game compatibility. If//when I get the time to look at at, I’ll take note on what I need to do to get it to work again, and post the information here for those that might still need help.

From what I can tell, The Spiteful Fatty is more or less a prototype to Boundless… At least in some aspects, and it would seem it hasn’t been updated in a while.

Sorry for necroing this post ahead of time (unless that’s not a thing here) but I had found a game a while back that may not be a flash game, but it still is played in a browser and is fairly short (the game itself is 12 seconds long) here:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/534362

I went ahead and moved all of these messages about the “fat flash games” to the comprehensive list.

[i][font=times new roman]I might have found a bit of a diamond in the rough, a hidden Remanent of a site long gone. You may have heard of “Animexpansion,” yes? Run by an individual who goes by the name of MistyStuffer. Semi-hidden in that site was this game, which was an apparent collaboration of a bunch of WG artists and coders who worked together to bring this to life. I present to you all, “Love Hina: Ronin 15”! Haven’t had the chance to try this Visual novel out, but I thought to perhaps share my discovery with you all.

LINK: Love Hina: Ronin 15

(Side note, had no part in it’s creation, I just simply found it in the most ludicrous fashion, and wanted to bring it to life!)[/font][/i]

I don’t know if this has been mentioned on this site before, but here’s a ttrpg that’s pregnancy-centric but has bellies and expansion abound.

idk of it’s been brought up already, but there’s a mobile game called Just a Bite. It only has three stages of fatness and has a lot of ads, but weight gain’s weight gain and its not clear from the store that it has that so I figured it would be worth bringing up here.

how does it work?

The game uses rpg maker, find out which one it uses, I believe either VX or VX ace, and download the RTP on the dog maker site

A bit surprised I hadn’t at least tried that- but it isn’t so much a ‘game’ as an interactive story… game ‘balance’ such that it is.

Can you put a link to the game

Pardon the necropost, but I found a short-but-sweet horror-themed game with no source. It’s hosted on a file sharing site, but here’s a video of it being played if you want to play it ‘safe’. Links to the download are in the comments.

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That game is called the fattening. You can find some one already made an unclaimed post for it here:

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My mistake, that’ll teach me to make quick posts without being more thorough. Thanks for letting me know…

From what Kingkabuto linked, it seems folks were having trouble running it. The file in this link worked fine for my non-Korean PC, is it okay if I share?


Do you still have any of her games? (mainly Tropical Paradox) Her account on deviantart recently got deactivated and I still haven’t had the chance to download some of her games.