Unclaimed List



Honestly, it’s not super worth it. The story’s incomplete, and the really rough English make it more of a chore to get through than it’s ultimately worth. Plus, a bunch of the sprites are misaligned, and it looks goofed.
I’ll leave a dropbox link here, for a bit, but I’m not gonna host it for long. I’d rather mainly use Dropbox for my own game, lol


seems a lot of people are trying to download the game, as I’m getting a high traffic warning when I try the link


Only 40 people are downloading this, so I would say uploading it to mediafire is a better option. Or Google Drive if that’s an option.


If people want it, again, I’ll put it on mediafire or something, but for now I’ve deleted the file and link. If someone successfully got it, they’re welcome to do that, before me. I’m not exactly invested in spending any more time with this file than I already have.

You wouldn’t believe how long it took to get that damn thing onto Dropbox.


Okay, thanks for sharing anyways!


But if you could, that would most appreciated.