Unfulfilling Isekai Simulator (formerly known as NPC Sim 2)

Rae is nothing but a troll in the game take everything she say’s and assume its a lie


Does anyone know how I can get infinite rations?

It’s an rpgmaker game you can edit your save file with https://www.saveeditonline.com/. You can change the amount of an item or how much currency you current have.

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I love all of the effort you’ve put into this. The dialogue for the different combinations and how every character feels unique really makes it fun. I didn’t think I would enjoy Lexi until doing her route and can’t wait for more. BTW is there a point to buying the rations in town or is that more of a chapter 2 thing?

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this game is good though it could use more male characters to feed

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Just a reminder that asking for an update from a dev is against the rules of the forums. You can check the keep it tidy section in the FAQ for my info.


sorry about that, wont happen again

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