UPDATE V1.01 - The Expanded Guide to Enlarging Encounters (Weight Gain Conditions 5E Homebrew)

UPDATE 03/02/2024: Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the wonderful reception!

When I initially posted the supplement it didn’t have any traction but once I made a post here in 24 hours the supplement reached 100 downloads and is close to 1,000 views. As a way of thanks, especially for the Weight Gaming community, I made a small update in which I added a few items and made some small rebalancing changes.

Sneak peek:

INITIAL POST: I recently finished a ruleset for a 5e that covers weight gain/expansion conditions.

This is mostly a silly idea that came to me from a homebrew concept of meat that “thickens” the character subjected to it. Initially, I thought it was just a fun kink-related concept, but after giving it a bit of thought I realised there might be a system within that short idea.


I decided to create this body mass increase concept as a game condition that can have general application to any expansion-related actions or effects that anybody comes up with. Although I do not know how often the community engages in these kinds of concepts within tabletop games as I do not do it and have not looked into it before, so I’m not sure what to expect as a reception.

Nevertheless, even if somebody just finds a quick amusement out of it or can use it as inspiration for some game concept, then it served its purpose.

I will also occasionally update this document as I have some ideas of items and spells that incorporate this concept, some have been added as I wrote the condition rules. Also, feel free to post feedback and suggestions as it is the first time I designed kink concepts for a game and I want to know what people are looking for.

Hope you peeps will enjoy it or find it fun! Also, I would appreciate it if you would share this post or the ones on my socials around with others who might enjoy this type of content.

Download link: https://inane-bloatware.itch.io/the-expanded-guide-to-enlarging-encounters