Valentime at Shibo Mansion!


wow thank you to whoever got me to that weight of 4210.295

also come hang out with me i ant getting skinny anytime soon


thanks to all who come to hang out my weight is 7789.075
love yall <3
im Irina-70

finished weight of that night is 8345.89


Just a heads up that the game server’s free hours are almost used up, so if you become unable to connect to the game, it’s probably because of that. It’ll be back at the start of the month, if that’s the case.


super cute! i have like 400 candies, but want another player to join lol


not working, says application error so do i need to download it?


The issue is most likely what @PeachClamNine said 2 posts up:


I’d like to be able to see the weight of other players.