Valentime at Shibo Mansion!



wow thank you to whoever got me to that weight of 4210.295

also come hang out with me i ant getting skinny anytime soon



thanks to all who come to hang out my weight is 7789.075
love yall <3
im Irina-70

finished weight of that night is 8345.89


Just a heads up that the game server’s free hours are almost used up, so if you become unable to connect to the game, it’s probably because of that. It’ll be back at the start of the month, if that’s the case.


super cute! i have like 400 candies, but want another player to join lol


not working, says application error so do i need to download it?


The issue is most likely what @PeachClamNine said 2 posts up:


I’d like to be able to see the weight of other players.


I hope this is still being worked on (or even talked about still) because this is pretty damn cute. There have been so many cute moments between players XD I hope there will be like a chat system or something involved in future. Its just too cute to not add chat to this!

Also huge thanks to whoever Willow-666 was, you were awesome <3 Name was Harley-900 btw.

Last weight was 14280.727

To the only other person to have as much dedication over a game about weight gain, love ya Willow <3



I’ve created a kik group for the game it’s #valentime


To hoever Princess was, thanks! From Ginnia (or whatever it was)

Other than that, fun game.


Can you add w a s d controls my arrow keys barely work and that’s only right and down


Added WASD for ya. I was gonna add mouse control and such, but I’m working on trying to turn this into a full game so further features might have to wait for that.


Really nice game!
I’ve played it many times and find myself coming back to it to see if anyones playing sometimes.

I really like the stage system of movement and weight gain in this game, and would think it’d be really good if you managed to make a update to it providing maybe more stages, and the ability to customize the color and expression of the character you have rather than just be white-haired in your own screen and stuck with one expression, and then black haired to others. Also think it’d be clever to put a icon of some sort near online players, and one separate from the AI. It’d add a little more interaction between the players, especially if chat was added was as well along those possible ideas.

I’m not really used to replying to public content like this, as its my first time replying to a public post here ^^, but I am really interested in seeing the game possibly turn into something bigger, its also one of the first public fat-based games that are online on this site, I think, so thats a very big accomplishment compared to many other games here.


Alot of free weight gained here, thanks to whoever has been just stuffing my face full of candy.


If there was one thing I wish this game had, it would be more weight gain stages.


For those with the last highest weight score, you’ve been sat on~


and i’ve set a record with my pals~


Hehe, such a showoff you are~


Glad to help you out~

Edit: Just editing this for a badge. eheh.


Got to get stuffed with a stranger~ Gianna-523, I dunno if you’ll ever see this (I doubt it but I can dream) it was a pleasure :3