Voracious Riches

I also have to say that this is by far my favorite entry from the jam! The characters are so adorable and I really love the gameplay mechanics! I also have a question SomeoneInflative. I am going to be drawing a lot, soon, as I’m taking lessons and I was wondering if I have your permission to draw the characters from your game as a practice. It’s totally fine if I can’t, and if I can, I will always give you credit for the character! :3

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This has to be my favorite game from the jam, I LOVE card battlers and I can see how much effort you put into the combat. I made sure to recommend your work to every friend (with the same kinks) I could fr fr

If you would allow me to suggest a feature in case you come back to this later, I would like the option to turn down/reroll earned cards after a battle. I spent an obscene amount of time grinding before realizing knight was less effective in combat once the deck got too large - every damage card in the pile was swamped by status effects and heals I couldn’t use. Every battle turned into a slog of skipped turns and armor points in the dozens. With the ability to turn down cards you don’t want, you could keep your deck relatively clean and stack only the ones you think are the most helpful; this would reward exploration and the clowns going back to previous floors for more combat.

Another way of going about this would be adding an option to remove cards from your deck during a floor transition, or a new room for trading said cards for a currency you could use to purchase better ones. This would also make junk cards a non-permanent addition to the player’s deck. Again, thank you for the hours of fun I’ve had with this game and I hope this proves insightful.

You are demonstrably the dev closest to my heart and I hope you have a great day yo :blue_heart:


Awww, of course you can, hon~! If you do, hit me up on twitter @Sinflative, or if you can’t, message me here! Thank you so much, dear~

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Being able to turn down or reroll would definitely be something I’d offer the player in a refurbished version of the game, absolutely. The ability to reroll I would actually probably make a Passive or something, so players can’t just pick and choose right from the start. Very important idea, though~

Shops are definitely an idea I would also play with a lot in a newer version - perhaps with even the ability to trade in lots of copies of a particular card for an upgrade of it, or even for a Passive.

And thank you so much, hon~!! The fact that you’d even recommend this to friends warms my heart~~


keep up the great work

After double checking the comments and passing through the game about fifteen times to get this specific scenario, I am now confident to say that if you go over capacity while berried, there is a different defeat sprite. After playing this game so much, I didn’t think I’d find anything else that wasn’t known already.

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The berry sprite was more or less an easter egg, because of how hard it is to get.

To prevent instant run-ends, whenever any enemy that can berry (which there is only two), they will deliberately leave Knight for last. Because of this, both Succ and Angel need to berried already for Knight to even be touched.

The easier way, ironically, is to find the rare “”“Blue Potion”“” and deliberately use it on Knight yourself.

Yeah, I had seen the blue potion several times before here and there, but I had never thought to use it on knight. I just “lucky” the first time with trapped chats making everyone berries and I saw the sprite. I then went to double check but I kept getting unlucky and not finding the blue potions, so I just kept passing my turn when next to some blue slime until I got it.

It’s a very nice sprite tho…

And obviously this game is so good that I’m still playing it, I even became a patron to see more of your work in the future💙

Edit: I have now done a run of the game where I got berry early on and beat the boss. I now what a berry mode where you just straight up start with it and can’t get rid of it. I ended up picking up a good amount of weight loss potions to counter the effects when I needed to.

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First I just wanted to say that this has been one of the greatest game’s I’ve ever played on Weight Gaming! The characters are great, the art is adorable, and it’s overall a very good time!

Random question tho: how many cards are in the game? Not the gold ones, just the usable ones.
Am curious.

Quite a bit! If I recall correctly, 10 Knight cards, 9 Succ cards, and 9 Angel cards! And thank you very much, hon~!

I appreciate your support greatly!! I absolutely intend on working bigger-scale projects, just have been unfortunately busy with college stuff. Do expect lots more cute VN-expansion content soon enough!

chunky angel from voracious riches
I colored (and outlined) the angel looking character


Aww she’s so adorable! You did a great job with this. :smile:

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This is adorable !!! Thank you so much for this, hon~!

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Grotlover2 Score

Category Total
Basics: 200.0
Art: 27.0
Writing: 32.0
Sound: 27.0
Concept/Design 111.0
Msc: 17.0
Admin Card Attempted: 5.0
Admin Card Score: 15.0
Patreon Card Attempted 5.0
Patreon Card Score 10.0
Community Card Attempted 5.0
Community Card Score 5.0
Total: 459.0


I have to say, this one pleasantly surprised me. A very fun fetish based slay the spire like card game, Voracious Riches provides a simple but quite satisfying core loop.

The art is definitely roughed out, being sketches of the characters and enemies, but I personally like seeing this as it’s a quick way to rapid prototype. While the designs of many of the enemies tend to land closer to generic though, but the design of the night and their two companions is really charming and well done. The slight bouncing/floating motion they also have also helps to add to them, making them feel more alive even without an animation outside of some split-second action frames for things like attacking. The overall art used on each card is also a bit rough but in a charming kind of way and I think works really well.

The overall story I would say is really just nonexistent, but I feel the dev shined quite well with the dialog between the knights’ companions and on the flavor text of the cards, walking a fine line between informative and cheeky for some of them. The sound track is nothing crazy I would say but is very pleasant to listen to, with a nice cross fade between the music that plays while traversing the map and the combat themes. The sound effects to kind of fall flat though and I do wish they where a bit punchier though does make good use of fetish-based sound effects being one of the better ones out of the top 5 in my opinion.

Being a card game first the core of the game is in the deck building element which I think is well done. There is a good amount of status effects that allow each different type of card to synergize well with each other, and the idea of having certain types of cards tied to one of the two companions I think was a really cool twist on the concept. The game also has a fair difficulty curve that looks to be more than just random with it adjusting a bit depending on how much you played it and how far you got. Overall, through the game I never felt overpowered but it still felt really nice when you where able to setup some really good synergies between your cards and your upgrades. Also, the fact there is really no loading time made losing feel less bad as it was really easy to jump right back in. It really fits well into those casual card roguelikes where you have maybe an hour and want to play a run or two in it quick.

That being said there are some issues with it that I feel I should point out. While I think the character being immobilized causing you to lose access to all of their cards until they can move again is really cleaver, there are not enough size reduction cards spread between the three characters. This led to me being quite vulnerable to losing a run if the angel ever became immobilized. It also does not help that the knight does not have any size altering abilities outside of consumable potion cards. I think this could be balanced out by giving the knight an ability to reduce the size to help get his companions back into the game outside of just having to rely on potions. It would also be nice if the max size was raised. Having a max size of 4 on the companions and 5 on the knight is quite hard to deal with, especially when facing enemies that can make you gain multiple size levels or fighting multiple enemies that mainly deal with increasing your size. Bringing it up to 8 and 10 respectively I think would give the player more room to breath and chances to manage their size.

Also, I am not sure how I feel about enemies that are fully immune to certain status effects as this often invalidates much of the angel and the succubus cards for that fight. I can understand them being resistant, but I think the cards should still have at least some sort of effect on the enemies as there where a few times where the RNG gods just kept giving me cards I could not use on them forcing me to just tank hits.

Over all, really loved the game especially as a fan of games like slay the spire and monster train. I can see this game have quite a bit of protentional and see quite a few ways where the companion system could be used to help customize runs by allowing the player to choose from a set of different companions. I really hope to see this game get polished up and expanded on and give the dev kudos for such great work on it!

Kilif Score

Category Total
Basics: 200.0
Art: 19.0
Writing: 27.0
Sound: 33.0
Concept/Design 109.0
Msc: 15.0
Admin Card Attempted: 5.0
Admin Card Score: 5.0
Patreon Card Attempted 5.0
Patreon Card Score 10.0
Community Card Attempted 5.0
Community Card Score 15.0
Total: 448.0


Decently well put together card game. I really liked how getting larger changed your hand draws, its a clever mechanic. I feel like the theming was a little tacked on, and will the paper-aesthetic is kind of neat for the enemies, I feel like you need to lean in hard into it (something like Paper Mario) or transition to digital art for a cleaner look. That all being said, this is very ambitious for a game jam entry, nice work.


Art: 46.0

Writing: 59.0

Sound: 60.0

Design: 220.0

Total: 907.0

hey hey! since i played this from the jam, i fell in love with this game, and i would love to see what you might have in store for it, should you still want to follow up with anything. i beg, please add an infinite mode, i would love to just see how long i can make the knights waistline survive in this game!