Vore Adventure

Latest Update:
Windows, Mac, Linux versions

Old Gain Jam Versions: Windows
(Added post-deadline:) Mac and Linux versions

Escape from an ancient temple with the help of an invisible spirit inhabiting your body, by using the “extravagantly useful and stylish” power of VORE, in this puzzle platformer.


  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • Space to jump
  • Z to spit fireballs/use fire breath
  • X to cycle stomach contents/digest
  • C to spit out objects
  • V to VORE
  • Esc to open the pause menu (which uses the mouse)
  • Controls are further explained in game


  • Vore and spit out objects and enemies to solve puzzles and progress through the temple
  • Lots of rooms to go through (it’s actually too long, probably)
  • 30 items and upgrades to hunt down and collect (you only need 2 of them to beat the game, though)
  • Torch bats and knock around blocks with fire breath and fireballs (because you’re a dragon)
  • Customizable character colors in the pause menu (and also sound/music volume settings)
  • Results screen with time taken and items obtained (so post your best any% and 100% speedruns)
  • Wonky physics as you try and fail to stack up blocks
  • Difficult (it’s hard; if you’re low on health just run away because there’s no saving)

I recorded a playthrough that can also serve as a walkthrough if you’re stuck on something. I encountered a few bugs, but I was able to get around them, and I also added some general hints and tips in the video:

Possible Future Features:

  • Weight gain as you level up (the XP bar is currently useless beyond bragging rights at the end; I may or (probably) may not add the first stage of weight gain before the deadline)
  • A main menu
  • Saving and loading
  • More content and levels
  • Maybe a map
  • Alternate gender options

Known Issues:

  • Strange behavior when spitting out extremely light/extremely large objects
  • Stepping over pressure plates with anything in your stomach can make them flicker
  • An exploit that lets you exceed maximum stomach capacity
  • Some blocks cannot be expelled as far as intended
  • A certain block in a secret room cannot be moved, requiring you to import blocks from another area to complete said room


  • Added some fixes for issues that made it hard/impossible to get the items in the second-to-last room; made some puzzles easier
  • Added a potential fix for expelled objects clipping through walls; increased friction on blocks intended to be stacked and doubled/increased the mass of almost every block

The idea seems fun but i wasnt able to do much, the first puzzle with the different sizes was acceptable but the second one with ice skating is very difficult to stack boxes, if possible making that your character doesnt slide around can make it a lot more solid. If you can see that and update it, i might give it another go. Keep up the good work.

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You had me at vore! The more vore the better! XD

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It is a good start, but the controls are very floaty and some of the physics seem really frictionless. Made some jumps hard. But i like what i see,

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The game is fun and I do like the vore idea to solve puzzle but the boxes are so easy to move that it makes the puzzles so hard.

Controls are a little floaty, and I encountered a couple bugs, but overall it’s a fun game, and I’m eager to see where it goes!

Bug 1: In the tutorial for spitting out things softly, the box fell into the floor and got stuck.

Bug 2: in the room of many weight switches, spitting out the small cube sent it through a wall, making it inaccessible.

Bug 3: In the gently spitting room again, if you spet from a step below the platform, the box will end up halfway into the floor.

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There appears to be a very game breaking bug where a vored block will go through walls or fall through floors when expelled, especially with the soft expel.


I really enjoyed the concept, the art and most things about the game. Trying to land on or stack boxes can be a painful experience that prevents me from wanting to progress however. If you can make the boxes have a bit more friction or be more solid I think this has the potential to be a great game.

i am interesting to try this out but couldnt play
so will there be mac version?

to bad there no female character to play as

Not yet… But there’s no race option though, not even one that says “Coming Soon”.

I added Mac and Linux versions; I have no way to test them though, so I probably can’t help if you encounter any platform-specific bugs.

I don’t have alternate races planned since the dragon’s fireballs and firebreath are used as mechanics for solving a few puzzles, and another race would also multiply the sprites I would have to do by an outrageous amount; sorry :frowning:

I think the physics based controls are not a good fit for a puzzel game. the whole time I was fighting with the controls. Maybe a simpler transform += speed * deltatime woudl have been better for the player character. I say all this as I have done something similar. Plus making your detection for floor collision may help. Still Im interested in what you do next.

thank, it work
little issues with game:
1- movement and jump, it often slip off the platform rather than stay there. same for try get on block only to cause it roll off
2- when i devoured object, if i align it while jump, and the object would be “fell” through the floor and become inaccessible to vore

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Well… at least we’ll get a female form at least.

great art, platforming sucks :confused:
its like a continuous ice level, stuff is frustrating man

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Grotlover2 Score

| Category | Total |

| —: | :–|

| Basics: | 20000 |

| Art: | 295 |

| Writing: | 175 |

| Concept/Design | 1220 |

| Msc: | 170 |

| Total: | 22145 |


I am not going to lie, I have mixed feelings on this game. For one I think its a fun puzzle platformer that makes some fun use of vore and incorporates some metroidvania aspects into it with the exploration and optional upgrades. At the same time I have some major issues with the game. 1st while some of the puzzles are really quite cool there is a fair number that I feel make use of moon logic, whose mechanics are not well explained, or not explained at all. For example, while it is small these issues start with the very first scene of the game. The opening intro requires me to press one of the movement keys to move it forward instead of the more standard space, escape, left click, or enter. It is not till after this black screen is it explained to you that the movement keys must be used for that. I am not going to lie I actually thought the game was frozen for a few mins before I looked up the control scheme on the forums. The first lower room after burning the wood wall was also problematic. When I first entered there the first thing I tried was to hit the blue block with a fire ball. I thought I hit it but it did not move so I thought fire balls did not move crates. After seeing the message about each switch needing a different weight and the different sized boxes I though that it was a box stacking puzzle to get the blue box and the hint text was meant to draw attention to it being a color matching puzzle but I was wrong on both accounts. The size of the boxes and not the color mattered which is even more odd considering I do not think that kind of puzzle was even used again with the rest of them being color matching more or less. Finally, the puzzle where you had to use the enemies to press buttons was really quite brilliant, but up to that point I have not seen them interact with anything but me and I think the boxes so it did not quite occur to me that I should use them to hit the buttons where instead I was expecting maybe having to use them to push down boxes. Also, while this is a common issue, the game could befit from the use of coyote time for jumps and I would also disable physics interaction with the boxes when the play jumps as it is to easy to accidentally push them out of place. That all being said the only reason I am being so harsh on the game is I can see some really good possibilities with it if it was cleaned up and I was quite impressed with it over all.

Jux Score

| Category | Total |

| —: | :–|

| Basics: | 20000 |

| Art: | 261 |

| Writing: | 135 |

| Concept/Design | 1251 |

| Msc: | 25 |

| Total: | 21909 |


This game sure has a ton of content for the jam project, and overall it seems pretty good. My biggest gripe is that for a game that relies so heavily on platforming and stacking - the game handles them is a really unsatisfying way. I tap forward and I move like a half block forward making me fall off ledges all the time. I jump on a block, and it tips over making me fall. I’d avoid tipping over blocks, but because a single tap makes me move so far, it means I’m constantly overshooting movement. And there was some inconsistency with jump ability? Sometimes I would struggle to make some pretty basic jumps, and other times I could just make them. I think once those things are sorted out it will be a beloved game, but those things really hampered my enjoyment.

Kilif Score

| Category | Total |

| —: | :–|

| Basics: | 20000 |

| Art: | 285 |

| Writing: | 220 |

| Concept/Design | 1455 |

| Msc: | 150 |

| Total: | 22320 |


This game is technically very impressive as far as scope and concept/mechanics go. I wouldn’t have thought of combining physics-based puzzles with vore, but they go surprisingly well together. The animations and “full” sprites were fun, the puzzle design had some good elements to it, but my god you 100% need to work on shoring up those controls. I’ve never been more frustrated in my life trying to stack boxes while they fell or I slipped off of them time after time. I understand this is a game jam game, and polish isn’t expected, but the lack of refinement here made the game almost unplayable in spots. I had to restart multiple times because blocks would clip through the ground and be gone forever. Without any saves, this made for an incredibly frustrating experience.

That being said, as far as innovative concepts, and shear size of content, this is one of my top picks. Reduce the slippery-ness of the movement, get rid of blocks falling through the ground, and add in check points and you’d be golden. I don’t want to imply I hated the game, far from it, there’s just some major control issues that need to be addressed for it to really shine.

S&S Score

| Category | Total |

| —: | :–|

| Basics: | 20000 |

| Art: | 305 |

| Writing: | 290 |

| Concept/Design | 1350 |

| Msc: | 130 |

| Total: | 22385 |


Squirrel Score

| Category | Total |

| —: | :–|

| Basics: | 20000 |

| Art: | 160 |

| Writing: | 100 |

| Concept/Design | 300 |

| Msc: | 30 |

| Total: | 20740 |


There’s a solid concept here with some great art and fun mechanics incorporating vore that really spice up the platforming experience. Would love to see further development on this!


Art: 1306

Writing: 920

Sound: 1192

Design: 5576

Total: 109499

Made a small update based on feedback:
Windows, Mac, Linux versions


  • Increased player’s base speed
  • The player will now rapidly decelerate and stop when a movement key is not pressed. (No more slippery floors!)
  • Added coyote time for jumping (you can still jump for a little bit after moving off a platform now)
  • The force from expelling objects now scales with the object’s mass, letting you expel objects far distances more consistently
  • Force when softly spitting out objects has been reduced (hopefully allowing for more consistent block-stacking)
  • Another potential fix for objects clipping through walls (hopefully for real this time)
  • Fixed a few blocks getting stuck when they weren’t supposed to
  • Pickups are no longer all at the same position in their cycle of hovering up/down

For the next update, I’ll try to add saving/loading and some hints for the more obtuse puzzles, and put it under a new topic in the #projects category.


I’m extremely glad to see you’re continuing this. This project has a lot of potential, and despite being frustrated with it at times (prior to your patch), I’d love to see more.

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