Vore Preferences (Or lack thereof)

Similar to my previous topic back in December of 2018 (Wow, already 2 years!) I have another question for those willing to answer. For those of you who like vore, why do you enjoy it? Is it the means to an end for a fatter character? Is it that you like the sounds it makes? Or is it you just like a big belly, no matter how it ended up so large? And for those who don’t like it, why is it you don’t? Is it the sheer cruelty of those who would dare eat another of their kind (Endo excluded, though that doesn’t really fit the scope of the forum)? Or is it just that the whole idea doesn’t sit right with you? Feel free to answer in as much or as little detail as you like.

Personally, I initially only thought of vore as a means to an end, prey just being another source of food. However, I’ve more recently begun to branch out and enjoy most aspects of vore- even the harder stuff that almost certainly doesn’t have a place here. Especially the vulnerability and sheer gluttony aspects. I mean, how utterly voracious would you have to be to literally eat a whole person or animal? It’d take some serious greed and gluttony to even consider pulling that off, and some capacity to keep them in. Couple that with how fat the character gets off of the prey they glutted upon, making them so easily fall into the trap of becoming prey themselves when they get too cocky… it’s definitely its own breed of fun!

I pretty much only like it as a means to an end. but it can be one of my favorite ways if done in a way I like. if it is done relay quickly and it isn’t drawing too much attention to itself I like it (like in Super Fatty RPG).

Tricky question, or maybe it’s not so tricky and it’s just me having trouble explaining my weird tastes. I like vore sometimes – the huge gain, the big belly, the gluttonous aspect, all the things you described – but then other times it just misses me. I like sub/dom elements even outside of this context, but with vore it’s really appealing in particular, with the predator eating whoever and teasing them about how good they tasted or how much weight they’re about to put on as the prey can do nothing but squirm, completely helpless. I particularly like it when the voree is significantly fat themselves, because that just leads to an even bigger belly and gain. And regardless, burps and belly noises are cute too.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a favorite vore set-up is numerous victims being fattened up like turkeys to be fed to a single, ever-hungry, blob-sized predator. Their appetites are massive, and they need suitably massive prey to even come close to satisfying them. It’s corrupt, gluttonous, and has weight gain all around.

In some rarer cases that I couldn’t even really provide specific examples of, isn’t consensual vore also a thing? I think in the past I’ve seen someone describe an aspect of the appeal of vore in this way, someone trusting their partner so much and being so attracted to them to willingly allow them to literally eat them up. As insane as it sounds (and probably assuming it’s “safe” or non-lethal vore), I can see the potential for wholesome appeal there, being all warm and cozy, nuzzled inside their belly as they pat and rub it. I’m curious if anyone can actually vouch for this, or if I’m just insane.

Whoops, I say I’m unsure about vore but then end up writing a couple paragraphs about it, I can’t be trusted to not ramble when I’m sleep-deprived.

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I am mainly in it for the dom, and weight gain aspect of it. The ‘predator-prey’ dynamic is something I like a fair bit. I can’t stress enough that I enjoy predators preying on other preds, etc – but really I like it primarily for the domination aspect of it and the helplessness of the prey in the scenario.

I don’t like vore at all as I personally find it to be no different than cannibalism. I just can’t see the appeal myself and like you pointed out I get disgusted, but I believe many folk get disturbed over more fantastical fetishes and I will say I think folks with a vore fetish are still normal people, because we all dig different things :+1:


Right back at you, my respectable friend~. I highly appreciate that plenty of people (at least on this site) are fairly accepting of the things others are into that they personally may not like – we’re indeed all people in the end so I only wish more people could behave that way! I guess I’m personally “weirded” out to a lesser extent by ordinary human (or extremely human-like) predators for similar reasons, but eh, I’m still willing to roll with it for the most part!

To answer the topic though, I guess my case was a particularly strange one. I remember feeling some kind of strange draw to it even at the age of, like, 10 or younger, so why I seemingly got into it even back then is beyond me – obviously I can’t quite consider it a proper fetish back then but I certainly remember it being more…“noteworthy” to me at the time.
In present day though, I suppose it’s not too different from the other answers given here. I ultimately just find something thrilling about a character hunting their prey, effectively capturing them, and either allowing them to fight for their life or simply become the nutrition that the predator intended them to serve as. It’s probably for similar reasons why I strongly prefer relatively same-size vore since being able to actually show off the prey is a big “yeeeeees” for me~. Basically, I just enjoy the more “horror” aspect of it as opposed to the “sexy” part!

Although, the above answer pretty much becomes flipped when it comes to Endo stuff. I suppose under that particular pred/prey relationship, I find it almost endearing to either put oneself in a vulnerable position at the hands of someone they feel they can trust, or to have someone basically at your mercy but to not take advantage of them as predator, protecting them in a manner akin to a mother and the baby in her womb.

There’s generally a lot more to why I’m into vore but those are at least the significant footnotes – I’d probably write a full dissertation length of a post if I went into each and every aspect of why I’m into it uwu.

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I’m not big on vore but I think my preference for fantastic and unrealistic kink makes me tolerate it a bit more. If it’s cartoony and kind of silly I’m fine with it personally, Super Fatty Office Sim is the best example of the kind of vore I’m okay with.

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personally. means to a end. by its self I have no real interest in it. the large belly or sometime growth of something (some have like the butt or breast grow from the vore over just straight weight gain) its nice but my main preferred use is like Super fatty rpg. just a cool attack to gain weight. then its one of my favorite ways to gain weight. but again not much in to vore for vore alone. and even then more cartoonist swallowing and not Scat ( :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:) though yeah I love the whole. how the hell just eat a horse whole kind of thing. and the pure size you get. both from having the prey and digesting them

I personally am not a fan of vore. Cannibalism on the whole does not sit well with me, and it adds a very uncomfortable element to my WG kink material. However, In certain circumstances, I can tolerate and sometimes even enjoy it.

The most obvious example being No One’s RPG. What really makes that acceptable to me is the fact that they were trying to eat first, and turnabout is fair play. The fact that most of them are animals or inhuman monsters also helps immensely.

The exception to that is the Wolf Vore scene. I love dogs dearly, and I almost died when it mentioned that the animal’s tail dropped between its legs in fear as you consumed it.

One more thing that does kill me on vore, and it might seem a little silly, is how immersion breaking it is. A human being is going to swallow another one like a snake? Pull the other one. It’s the same reason I tend not to like height gain in WG art and what have you. If it’s a magical world, sure, but far too many times, it’s just someone breaking the skeleton of the character in an effort to draw them bigger.


I don’t like it personally because it strikes that fear that if i become a liability to the vorer, i’ll just be fodder, it’s a slippery slope, sure that person deserves it, but what about the next, and the next, and the next? And what does “deserving it” entail? Is it criminal, legal, moral? I very easily put myself into the shoes of others, and usually like dating in this communities stories, and i feel nervous for the character when they’re with their partner, i used to not mind it, but the adjectivenouncombo games where if you stop doing what she wants and stand against her, she just eats you and you get a game over.

Tl;Dr Some may enjoy that, and more power to them, but i don’t like the thought of being subservient to the whims of my feedee(For lack of more official terms) to not decide to nom me if i become boring to them.


I think I’m in a kind of weird position as far as vore goes. I find the whole pred/prey dynamic kind of hot and it provides a pretty good motivation for one character to fatten up another, but I’m not really into the actual eating part. I can handle the softest of soft vore, like if the predator’s a ghost or part snake or something. I tend to check out once anything to do with digestion is involved.
So I guess I basically enjoy the build up to vore a lot more than vore itself.

TBH I only like it for the belly. Full tour is interesting to me, but not kinky, which is kinda surprising since I fantasized a bit about it when I was a kid.

Still, vore is alright. I don’t like hard vore, and I don’t like the artist putting a ton of emphasis on the digestion itself, but otherwise it’s alright.

I literally didn’t like vore till last summer.

A year or so before that, It started with trying to mess around with skyrim WG mods. Tried devourment but wasn’t really impressed and struggled overall with the modding.

Then I found out that someone made a vore mod for fallout 4. Plyed around with that quite a bit. Enjoyed it. Then coldsteel made his fallout 4 WG mod. That was cool for a playthrough or 2. But what really got me was the voremersion extension for the fallout 4 vore mod.

And that’s because it took the bodies from coldsteel’s mod and put them into the vore mod. Voremersion is great for weight gain. You can choose how your character gains weight. You can make them belly heavy or ass heavy or tit heavy and your character will gain and lose from those areas. It’s awesome. The thing is that to gain weight, you have to eat enemies. SO i just kind of pushed through not thinking about it but somewhere, wires got crossed and i started enjoying more aspects of the vore itself. I still primarily enjoy it for the bellies, but there is some other enjoyment too. I actually wrote an article about my experiences here too: The Vore Game That Pulled Me Down The Rabbit Hole > TF Gamer


I completely agree with the stuff you’re talking about, that really hits the nail on the head for a lot of the stuff I love. As for what you were talking about, non lethal, non digesty stuff is Endosoma, where the prey is just all smug in their belly- more of a very close and comfy cuddle than method of food consumption.

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Something similar to that is how I got into it too! Something latent that just made me think “Y’know, this ain’t so bad…”

I normally don’t care for vore. Even when it’s clean, the implication that someone or something is dying isn’t something I can really get off to. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy witnessing death in fiction without the right context. Even if it’s just a nameless background character, I can’t help but get upset at their misfortune unless you actively give me a reason to enjoy their suffering. This is why I find disaster films like Cloverfield and 2012 unwatchable, as well as why I dropped Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

However, I think there’s an exception that’s almost exclusive to games. When the individual being eaten is just one of an infinite number of expendable, endlessly respawning hostile NPCs or enemies, then it’s easier for me to get detached from the act. They intend to do me harm, fighting them would have removed them from the game anyway, and I’ve got dozens if not hundreds more on the way.


I tolerate soft vore when it’s because an rp partner like that, but it’s not one of my kink.

I can only really take vore within a macrophilia context.

I love vore, weight gain or not. Something about being so hungry and greedy that you’re willing to eat another person just works for me. Plus the big belly and just how full the pred must be!

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I generally prefer a lack of vore, but I can tolerate it under specific circumstances. I don’t like the implication of snuff, so it’s better if the victim lacks sentience or is one of an infinite number of respawning enemies. In other words, no humanoid characters with speaking roles as victims.