Vore themed Twin Stick Shooter

Hi There I’m new to the forum and dabbling back into Unity and game development. I have some ideas for a vore themed twin stick shooter that I’ll be working on soon. It’s an ambitious project but I hope it pans out and would love some help and support from the community.

Progression Sample
This is a mock up of what kind of progression I’m aiming for.

Animated Sprites (Idle, Run, Dash, Devour, Digest)
3 Enemy types (Melee, Ranged, Boss)
Vore Boss Enemies to fill up your gut and recover HP, once your stomachs full you can digest and get max health and projectile upgrades.

Got some basics up and running on unity:
Desktop Build

Link to my Eka’s: RSBH’s gallery


Oooo! Can’t wait to see this through!


The link to the desktop link doesn’t work. It got deleted

Development and updates moved to this thread: Glut-Tonne Demon

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