VR Fat Game?

I’ve seen quite a number of games with fat mostly doing RPG maker but has anyone ever decided to try and make or find if anyone has ever made a fat VR game with weight gain? Honestly been hoping there’s one around cause i feel its a pretty decent area to explore when it comes to fat stuff : p

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There is an old pregnancy game which allows you to play with VR, it has been remade as well but I do not know if that version also allows the use of VR

You can try VaM, the free version lets you play scenes. If you search by the virt-a-mate tag, you will find VR HuCow simulator, which is a quite decent weight gain scene.

I, personally have the creator key and have been learning how to use VaM, so MAYBE, in the far future i will upload something myself. Although i already have a couple of projects planned so i don’t want to promise anything just yet.

Do you remember the name of the game?