We need less humans and much more sex in our fat & WG games.

As much as I enjoy some of the WG games out there (especially text-adventure/RPG-type ones), I have to be honest in that I’m very, very disappointed by the lack of sexual content in many of them. I’m yet to encounter a single, well-made WG game that includes detailed sexual content and intercourse. I certainly can’t be the only one here who yearns for a depiction of an obese character(s) getting it on.

Ideally, my perfect WG game would be a text-based RPG similar to Corruption of Champions, something with much more of a sexual focus in addition to including weight-gain, slob and vore, and absolutely zero humans (yes, that includes catgirls and similar posers). My experience in creating a game is zero, I can hardly program the clock on my microwave. I suppose what I’m trying to do with this topic is reach out and see if anyone else wishes for the same: more sex to go with their weight-gaining.

If anyone else agrees that the sexual content of games on here is severely lacking or knows of any games that aren’t, feel free to discuss it here.


be the change you want to see in the world

see a need; fill a need


… I don’t disagree with you, but frankly, explicit sex scenes are usually a recipe for trouble, especially if all you’ve got is text. You’ve gotta be on top of blocking, mechanics, mood… Gotta make sure you’re not too repetitious, gotta make sure you’re using the right euphemisms without being too vulgar or absurd…
Above all, you’ve gotta make sure you and your audience are on the same page, and that they want precisely what you’re trying to depict if you don’t give them any choices. While I’m fine with… Basically any orifice and position, others might not be.

Tl;dr: It’s generally more work than it’s worth, and is capable of completely sucking somebody out of a game.

I might be biased, though: I pretty much skip all of the sex scenes in Corruption of Champions, precisely because I don’t like the way most of them are written. And that’s not even getting into at least a third of the scenes basically being rape. Also, too much penis.


VERY much a matter of opinion. (And apparently, an unpopular one) XD


I have to echo what @Cakecatboy said. If you’re not happy with what content is out there, you should consider talking a shot at making what you want. That’s what countless creators have done before. Hell, that’s why this whole website exists.

Though more to the crux of your post. There are a couple reasons why there is a lack of explicit sexual stuff.

  1. Writing sex is really difficult to do in a way that is satisfying and not cringy. This is coming from someone who writes weight gain erotica with the occasional sex scene. Honestly sex scenes take so much longer for me to write than fat or plot oriented scenes. What people people find sexy is super subjective, and so what may be hot and steamy to you might just be clinical or laughable to someone else.
  2. In regards to the desire for that type of sexual content, of course there are people who like it. But you’d be surprised at the percentage of people in our fetish that have either no interest in explicit content or an aversion to it. For many of us, fat content is sexual content. For example i asked this question to my waters on DA, and almost 40% of the respondents said that they preferred “weight/fat related content with no mention of sexual content.” From what i remember, those numbers are also shown by the community server @grotlover2 has done. That automatically reduces the number of people that would be interested in writing text adventures with sex in them.

To end the post I’d like to again encourage you to take a shot! Write the content you want to read and others will surely want to read it as well! Plenty of people didn’t have the skills to do something until they started trying to do it. Plenty of actors or writers didn’t really try the things they’re famous for until their 30s or 40s. Its never to late to learn something new


I suppose you’ve got a point, but I have no idea how to make a game like that, or the time to learn to do so. Maybe some time in the future I’d be able to but hopefully someone beats me to it, they’d probably do a better job at it. Honestly, I think it’s a real shame that a lot of folks who do this stuff aren’t that interested in the sexual side of it. I certainly appreciate their work, but I’m not sure what they get out of it if there’s minimal sexual content.

Maybe that’s because I’m a much more sex-focused person in comparison but I don’t know. What I do know is that there’s a lot of folks out there who’d enjoy these games a lot more with a greater amount of sexual content.

As a fortune cookie once told me, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Generally speaking, if you want something made that is tailored to your tastes you’re going to have to get lucky, pay someone to make it, or make it yourself.

Honestly making text adventures doesn’t take that much knowledge. there are plenty of tutorials that can get you started. The internet is a boundless resource and once you get started there are plenty of people here to help with questions!


Remember that “sexual content” for some may not be sexual content for others! A lot of things can be sexy without specifically involving detailed depictions of intercourse. Different strokes for different folks!

But I’ll echo the sentiment of others here: experiment and cultivate the change you seek!


we didn’t come poppin’ out our mom’s birth canals with the skills to make games, we all had to learn and start somewhere

edit: forgot to mention but if you have time to play these games, you have time to make them.


I’m “meh” on these. Completely depends on how it’s implemented, usually it’s things I don’t care for like “player gets eaten”. Agree with the rest save for:

Some humans are okay, and I like monster girls.
If you’re talking “furries only” there’s plenty of games for those on Furaffinity if you look around.

I’m aware of that but even if I knew how to make one, I probably wouldn’t get far before I got sidetracked and left the project to collect dust. Sure, I’ve got the idea in mind but the patience to spend countless hours sat there trying to negotiate a program I hardly understand?

I appreciate the confidence you people have in me to do something like this myself, but I’m just not cut out for actually making one of these games.

Well, then you’re just gonna have to live with people making the things they want to make instead of catering specifically to what you want, and wait for what they make to coincide with what you want to see. That’s what the rest of us do.


“Well, that’s like, your opinion, man.”

I think the ‘do it yourself’ point has been well made by now, lol.

If there’s something you want and you don’t have the time/skills to DIY, look for the people making stuff you like and support them. FurAffinity (and similar sites) are far more suited to your stated niche and there are people there that’d benefit from the extra funding/support.


I’m always thinking this, but never have the balls to say it. So I just want to say, thank you on behalf of all flakers.

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to continue off of what everyone else is saying, be the change you want to see in the world.
sure, you might not be able to make this happen yourself, but i GUARANTEE that you can make this happen yourself, it just depends on how badly you want to see something like this.

  1. there are tons of programs (like rpgmaker for instance) that you can buy to make games without programming knowlege

  2. Commission artists for sprites

  3. Commission writers to write your content in text form

If you want this badly enough, you can make it happen.

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I would recommend trying out Twine as a start to “programming.” From what I have gathered, it is a way to link together options for a CYOA sort of game. You should look into it and see if you can make it work for what you want.

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I’m definitely down for less humans. It feels just


And I can totes understand wanting things to be more sexual. It could possibly be something placed more into novels and such, as I see actual gameplay elements being a bit…hard, to see? Maybe like, a cutscene, perhaps?

But yeah, I agree with you on that.

I’m suprised this is still being discussed. Anyhow…

While more visible on the internet in some circles, furries by and large - especially furries that absolutely demand some kind of abstractly high threshold of furriness as mandatory to be ‘into it’, are still a limited minority of the population and as a general rule, the more people into something, the more likely content for that niche exists. And that’s even assuming furries are your thing vs non-mammalian anthro content.

Every qualifier for what content is considered desirable shrinks that niche. Softcore not enough? Shrink. Characters have to be substantial BBWs? Shrink. A game that’s a game and not ‘press x to fuck’? Shrrrrinnnnk.

If the topic was just ‘why is there so little sex’, I think it would have gotten a better reception but hey, at least it’s honest.


It goes the other way too. If you make a game that’s too furry some people will not be “into it”
Finding a balance and incorporating multiple character designs is probably the best way to handle this. Giving a player more choice over the type of character they get to play is the best way to get a larger player base. It basically amounts to just allowing a player to select a different sprite to play, but adding this flexibility would allow a game to cover all the bases.


While we’re discussing popular/unpopular game content, I’ll throw in my two cents and say that male-centered gaining (either in addition to or completely separate of female gaining) would be nice to see in more games. It would be relatively simple to add a variable of gender and assigning it a value the player selects and then just switching the pronouns based on that variable. Or just used they/them as the pronouns, if you’re lazy.