Weight Gain and Inflation Scenes

(This’ll apply to not just anime and cartoons, but video games as well.)

Here’s the following scenes I’ve managed to spot:

Steven Universe: There’s two, and one’s recent. One where Amethyst eats a cloud and puffs up, and one where Pearl becomes spherical while she and her fellow Crystal Gems are travelling through space.
Lilo & Stitch: Frenchfry fattens up all the locals in Hawaii, including the title characters.
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic and a rat that controlled his mechanical duplicate both blow up upon coming in contact with Poison Flowers. Dr. Robotnik also gets filled with water when his synthetic wife gets reprogrammed via water, and Tails gains weight before he and Sonic both turn into babies.
Totally Spies: A weight gain-focused episode where Clover (and the antagonist of the episode later on) both gain weight.
Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimensions: Team Rocket’s getting fat again! ding
Wario Land 2, 3, and 4: Wario becomes fat as a sort of pseudo-powerup.
Super Mario World: Both the game and cartoon feature the P-Balloon. The Mario Bros. and Yoshi also gain weight in one episode of the cartoon.
Fast Food Rampage: Fatten up vegans until they explode.
Fat Princess series: The title character (and the player characters in Adventures) gains weight through cakes.
The Sims 2, 3, and 4: Sims can gain weight if they eat too much.
Mario & Luigi 1, 2, and 3: Water inflation is a gameplay mechanic for Mario/Baby Mario, and Bowser and Luigi (at two separate points, the latter being a special move) gain weight temporarily as part of the storyline.
Pac-Man (1982): Sourpuss (Pac-Man’s cat) inflates in the second episode of Season 2, and Pinky puffs himself up in order to TF into different objects (like a pogo stick, an airplane, a flagpole, a horse, a giant, a microscope, and more).
Gramps: This What A Cartoon! short has the dog inflating via the title character’s breathing tank.
MLP: FIM: Applejack inflates thanks to Spike in Spike At Your Service.
Kirby Right Back At Ya!: Kirby inflates as part of his Bomb Kirby transformation. Also, both Kirby and King Dedede gain weight in Episode 61.
Conker’s Bad Fur Day: As part of a storyline, a gassy mouse gains weight from eating cheese, and the third piece makes him inflate until he explodes. Count Batula, as part of his boss battle, gains weight by drinking the blood of the villagers, until his rope snaps and he’s killed off, reversing the curse on Conker.
Family Guy: Peter puffs up after eating too much cereal in one episode, and Lois gains weight in another. Meg’s snake allergies also make her blow up. Stewie gains weight in yet another episode, and Brian has a fantasy where he’s fat.
The Simpsons: Homer gains weight in one episode, Mrs. Krabapple gains weight in another, and Homer has a fantasy of himself, Patty, and Selma gaining weight in yet another.
Space Adventure Cobra: A villainous genie makes a woman inflate until she explodes.
Dragon Ball Z: Imperfect Cell inflates until he explodes from a “nut shot”, one of the opponents of a tournament inflates himself to massive size, Goku kills a light-eating monster by feeding him too much light attacks, and Super Buu kills off an already-fat man by turning himself into liquid and filling the man up until he bursts.
American Dad: Hayley gains weight in one episode.
The Cleveland Show: Roberta gains weight while taking care of Rallo in one episode.
Sabagebu!: One of the protagonists gains weight.
Enma-Kun: An episode centering around inflation.
Galaxy Express 999: One episode features fat people exploding out of their own homes.
Pokemon (original series): Meowth inflates thanks to Misty’s Staryu.
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Pac-Man inflates via a specific Power Berry.
No-Rin: There’s brief weight gain in one episode.
Panty & Stocking: This XXX-rated anime contains weight gain for one of the title characters in the fourth episode.
The Simpsons Game: Homer becomes a fat wrecking ball as a form of attack.
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show: In one episode, King Koopa blows up.
Courage the Cowardly Dog: The farmer gains weight in one episode after eating all the shredded veggies, while he, his wife, and even the title character gain weight from eating flan.
Life is Strange: The main protagonist can optionally gain weight.
Staines Down Drains: One character blows up due to her honey allergy, while some of the monsters inflate in another episode.
Zig & Sharko: Zig blows up in a few episodes.
The Powerpuff Girls (1996): The imaginary friend that the PPGs create blows up Patches like a balloon.
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Frankie’s cookie addiction really shows in an episode.
Ahh! Real Monsters: One of the main characters gains weight thanks to a parasite that causes her to eat a lot.
Futurama: Amy used to be fat as a kid, and Leela gains weight after swapping bodies with some of her co-workers. A girl also becomes fat just by pulling on her belly button ring (but only when she’s skinny).
Drawn Together: Toot gains weight in two episodes.
Pokemon: The Series XY: Ash’s Chespin gains weight in one episode.

Those are the scenes I can think of at the moment.

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Out of curiosity, where’s the scene in Life is Strange? I seem to have missed that on my playthrough.

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It’s when you go to the cafe were you first meet Chloe. While you wait you can eat the meal and rewind time to eat it again you can do it until she’s beyond stuffed.

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Always meant to play Life is Strange. Can’t decide if this counts as added incentive or not.

Think we can find that online, for those of us who can’t play it? It’s a PS4 exclusive, right?

Think we can find that online, for those of us who can’t play it? It’s a PS4 exclusive, right?[/quote]
No you can get it on xbox one also

It’s also on PC. In fact, Episode 1 is free on Steam.

And to add a few games to the list, Fable 1-3 have weight gain if you eat too much junk food.

In what episode? In episode 2 when you’re waiting for her in the Two Whales Diner?

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to do this, and it seems to be thoroughly impossible. No matter which order you ask for, Chloe arrives at the same time as your food, triggering an un-rewind-able cut scene. When it starts, your food is untouched. When it’s over, your food is eaten and unselectable and you can’t rewind back to when it was on the table.

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You sure that wasn’t a SFM video someone did?

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Here’s some more that I’ve remembered:

Betty Boop: The title character and her friend get fat through laughter in one short.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Does the name “Suck-O-Lux” ring a bell?
Pokemon Sun/Moon: Implied in Miltank’s Pokemon Sun Pokedex entry…
Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire: An Ace Trainer that gives you a Float Stone turns into a Hiker, which may not count as weight gain…
Little Witch Academia: One episode has a little girl inflate until she eats the lollipop that cursed her.
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts: The “final” entry in the Banjo series begins as the protagonists have gained weight ever since 2000.
Pokemon the Movie: Zoroark, Master of Illusions: Upon getting its tail grabbed at one point, Zorua’s Dawn illusion plumps up before Zorua returns to its normal form and snickers.
Garry’s Mod: The Inflator Tool comes in handy, as does coloring spheres and attaching them to pre-existing models to make them look fat or inflated.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Commonly happens to SpongeBob, Patrick, and especially Mrs. Puff. Squidward gains weight as he was oblivious to SpongeBob’s untied shoes, and Sandy inflated thanks to Pearl (Mr. Krabs’ daughter) after SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally destroyed her air helmet.
Kirby: Canvas Curse: An exclusive ability has Kirby puff up like a balloon.
Wario World: Winter Windster can inflate Wario after stunning him by looking the antihero in the eyes.
Super Princess Peach: One of the scrapped Koopalings, Morton, can puff himself up. Petey also gets filled with water.
Super Mario Sunshine: Seems that Piranha Plants that are somewhat native to Isle Delfino, especially Petey Piranha, love water a little too much.
The Lost Vikings: In one level, the title characters inflate like balloons in order to get around.
All Hail King Julien: Clover the Lemur gains weight in Fast Food Lemur Nation.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: The follow-up to Vice City has the protagonist eventually gain weight.
King of the Monsters 2: The hideous Aqua Slug’s bubbles inflate its victims like balloons.
Batman Forever: The poorly-created Batman game has enemies and even players inflate from certain attacks.
Mortal Kombat series: Prominent in Kitana’s Fatality, and Rain has a similar Fatality in the ninth installment.
Looney Tunes: Appears as a seldom gag, but is most influential in Warner Bros.’ interpretation of Pigs is Pigs.
Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures: Anger the Balloon Salesman, and watch what he does to Pac-Man…
The Simpsons: Tapped Out: Though not visible, Miss Springfield complains about her added weight when an anti-smoking law becomes availaible later in the game.
Justice League: Happens to The Flash in a nightmare he has in an episode that features Gorilla Grodd.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Happens to Plastic Man a few times, with one ending very badly thanks to Bane.
Tiny Toon Adventures: Often used for Buster, Babs, and Hampton. Two rats that were smoking were also given too much oxygen.
Beavis & Butthead: The title characters gained weight in a more-recent season’s episode.
Mario Strikers Charged: Wario inflates himself as part of his Mega Strike.
Donkey Kong 64: Lanky’s ability to inflate comes in handy, and is shown off in the DK Rap intro.
Team Fortress 2: The Love & War update added a costume for Engineer that gives him more meat on his Texan bones.
One Piece: Often used by Luffy as one of his attacks.
Aladdin: The Animated Series: Genie inflates himself to try and block out the moon.
Jewelpet: One episode has the entire cast gain weight thanks to a giant chicken (until they all become egg-shaped).
Milky Holmes: A few episodes have the girls put on the pounds.
Mysterious Joker: Diamon Queen and her pet become big balls of fat in one episode.
Dexter’s Laboratory: The title character becomes waterlogged after losing his mind in one episode, and he fills himself with juice in another before realizing that his sister has slapped her labels all over the bathroom.
The Fairly Oddparents: Fairies inflate until they explode if they haven’t used their magic in a while. Also, everyone on earth gains weight thanks to one of Timmy’s wishes, and Cosmo becomes a fat blob in another episode. In a special, Jorgen has put on weight as he helps Timmy undo his “secret wish”.
Ice Age: The Meltdown: Scrat fills up with water in the opening scenes of the film.
Hoodwinked 2: This flop of a sequel has Hansel and Gretel becoming massive blimps near the end.
Dig Dug: Inflating enemies until they pop is the main objective of the game.
New Super Mario Bros. U: A type of Baby Yoshi can inflate to give Mario a lift while he holds on.
Super Mario Galaxy 2: The Blimp Fruit makes Yoshi blow up.
Ozzy & Drix: In one episode, Ozzy inflates thanks to one of Drix’s capsules while Spryman’s rival becomes a fat blob near the end. Another episode has Hector gaining weight.
Scribblenauts series: Players can make people and animals fatter using adjectives. Also, Balloon Boy’s presence in Scribblenauts Unleashed allows player to make inflated versions of currently-existing characters from both the Scribblenauts and DC Comics universes.
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Ami inflates in a couple of episodes, and both she, Yumi, and Kaz gain weight in another.
Chalk Zone: The made-for-TV movie features a unique species of bat that inflates whoever it bites.
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen: Implied by one of two Trainers that trigger a Double Battle when encountered while Surfing on a certain route.
Tenjho Tenge: Emi Isuzu has the ability to manipulate her own body fat.
Fairy Tail: Risley Law follows Emi’s example of manipulating her fat.
Amazing Spiez: One of the female characters inflates in an episode.
Nurse Witch Koigumi: The title character inflates until she explodes in the final episode, yet she doesn’t die.
Popeye: One cartoon has Olive Oyl, a normally-skinny girl, gain weight thanks to Bluto.

And those are the examples I came up with… I’ll think of more later…

You sure that wasn’t a SFM video someone did?[/quote]

It shouldn’t be a SFM, unless the animator got the rendering perfect and bothered to animate the cars and the people, and cars. And also the UI.

You sure that wasn’t a SFM video someone did?[/quote]

It shouldn’t be a SFM, unless the animator got the rendering perfect and bothered to animate the cars and the people, and cars. And also the UI.[/quote]

So there is a video somewhere?

I am, at this point, 99% sure that it’s not in the game, though I’d love to be proven wrong. Great game, anyway.

Here’s a few more scenes that I remembered:

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake gain weight from too much ice cream in one episode, and the reason why a character in another episode became a ghost was because he ate too much liquid cheese and exploded.
Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3: Crash swells up through beestings and pufferfishes.
We Bare Bears: Grizz gains weight as part of his hibernation process (as all red-blooded American bears do).
RWBY Chibi: Nora gain weight by eating Yang’s cake in one episode, eating pancakes laid out as a trap in another episode, and stealing cookies from a cookie jar in yet another.
Hero 108: Mystique Sonia gains weight in one episode.
My Life As A Teenage Robot: Jenny puffs up as she overloads with energy in one episode, while another has her bulge when rats take over her body. Tuck gains weight in the Christmas special, while he inflates in another episode.
Duke Nukem Forever: Two girls that Duke sights meet an explosive fate at one point.
Freaky Stories: A model gains weight after water mixes with some pills she swallowed.
Stay Tooned!: This obscure 1996 PC title features some weight gain for one of the characters in a restaurant and another in the player’s kitchen.
Johnny Bravo: Never wake Johnny up, or suffer the wrath of an air horn in your mouth. Also, Uber Mass does a body good.
Codename: Kids Next Door: Most of Sector V gets fattened up by an elderly villain.
Breath of Fire: A woman becomes fat due to literal “inner demons”.
Captain Rainbow: Little Mac, prior to his true Wii debut, has gained weight in the Japan-only Wii title.
Rayman 2: The Great Escape: Rayman gains weight in the bad ending.
Rayman Arena: Globox puffs up during the opening sequence.
Rayman Origins & Rayman Legends: The characters inflate when they lose a life.
Angry Birds series: Bubbles’ ability puffs him up, and is even shown in the animated movie.
Bratz: The antagonist of one of the CGI movies inflates after eating a burger in one of the main characters’ nightmares.
Tengai Makyou: The Japan-exclusive Saturn game contains a weight gain-themed chapter.
Pokemon games: Implied in the Full Incense’s description.
Yo-Kai Watch: Implied in the original Japanese version’s Hungramps and Whuzzhat shorts (as opposed to the English dub where Katie “looks terrible”).
Earthworm Jim: Happens to Peter and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt in one episode, and everyone that Professor Monkey-for-a-Head hits in the opening of another episode.
Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2: Hungry Lumas become fat and full if fed enough.
Scooby-Doo series: Happens to Scooby and Shaggy frequently in the direct-to-TV movies and in one episode of Mystery Incorporated.
WarioWare: Twisted!: Happens to Wario in one of Wario-Man’s microgames.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: Oren’s fate before you recover her Smooth Stone…
Zwei II: The characters can gain weight after obtaining a Scale.

And those are the instances I know so far… I’ll find more later.

You sure that wasn’t a SFM video someone did?[/quote]

It shouldn’t be a SFM, unless the animator got the rendering perfect and bothered to animate the cars and the people, and cars. And also the UI.[/quote]

So there is a video somewhere?[/quote]

There was. Got taken down. Here’s all that’s left of it. https://vk.com/video153663231_170906964

There was. Got taken down. Here’s all that’s left of it. https://vk.com/video153663231_170906964[/quote]


Forgot these scenes:

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh: Oh inflates due to a Boov-exclusive sickness.
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures TV Series: Apex’s giant robot inflates after Titanium Pac-Man causes a chain reaction with President Spheros’s capsule.
Pokemon Sun & Moon anime: Pikachu gains weight in one episode.
Viewtiful Joe anime: Joe gains weight in one episode.
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: Fraaz inflates until it explodes after being defeated.
No More Heroes 2: One of the bosses inflates until she explodes after being defeated by Travis Touchdown.
Captain Toad: Treasue Tracker: Wingo becomes bloated after defeating him.

Which episode did this scene take place?

Which episode did this scene take place?[/quote]

I don’t know the exact episode name, but it happened all right…

Oh, and Sparkalloon on YouTube had made a “Instances of Inflation” series that’ll shed more light on certain scenes…

Oh, there’s also a recent case in both Nick’s Shimmer & Shine and CN’s Gumball…