Weight Gain Aventure

I have been looking for this weight gain game that I played a while back and I can’t find it anymore. Can someone please help me find it? It is one where you took care of your Uncle’s son until he died, then you decided to get fat to atone for ‘killing’ him. Eventually you move in with your Uncle because you are too fat. Soon you become to fat to leave the basement and it just spirals out of control from there. I remember it being posted here a long while ago and I can’t find it. If anyone can find it please post it, I’ll be very grateful if you do.


As far as I know, this is it

Without ever having played it, it sounds like Gaining Perspective.

Welcome to the forums, by the way.

Yes! Thank you so much.

Note that the link posted above goes to an out-of-date version. There have been lots of updates and fixes since then.

Forum page with latest built / updates: Dev Updates / Latest Builds
Project home page: http://gaining.servegame.com/

Thanks for checking it out!

You are welcome, it is a great game. I do like the mostly-realistic aspect of it to, though I would like to see the character get even bigger than what is currently possible in the game if it is possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

The maximum size is pretty tightly woven with the plot, and the “realistic” consequences make going any bigger pretty problematic – so unfortunately I don’t really see that happening. Not without shoehorning in some macro general growth action, I guess.

I mean… you have finished it, right? I guess I’m a little surprised you’re looking for something bigger. XD

I have indeed finished it, with both the good and bad endings. I do understand, but yes, I like my girls big, really big.

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Out of curiosity, what is the highest weight? I always seem to run into a stupid amount of (deadly) random events around the 1000lb range…

I believe the highest (the good ending) is about 3500.

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Well past 1000, that’s for sure. The random events shouldn’t be stonewalling you at that point, though they do get more persistent.
The trigger for the proper endgame is right around 3000, with a bonus in the “best” ending.

With my last game I reached 4500 with the best ending, because of very high bonus for max gluttony and many cookies remaining - and used medical studies just before reaching 3000, so I triggered the end with over 3200.