Weight Gain Before Gymnastics

Can You Please Simulate Women Gaining 30 Pounds,While Wearing Red Gymnastics Leotards?

I Would Like Them To Be White Females,Born Somewhere In The United States Of America.

I Would Prefer For All Of Them To Be Young Women,Although No Younger Than 18 Years Old,Although They Could Be In Either Their 30’s,40’s Or 50’s,Even If It Does Not Include Either Carly Patterson,Amy Schumer Or Mariska Hargitay.

I Do Not Want Those Women In Gymnastics Leotards To Be Obese,They Would Just Be Overweight,In Fact,It Would Be At A Point Where They Are Fat Enough That The Coach Would Actually Kick Them Off Of The Gymnastics Team For Gaining Weight & Letting Them Know That He Does Not Want Them To Come Back,Until They Lose All Of The Weight That They Have Gained.

An Idea That I Have Is That After Putting On Gymnastics Leotards,These Women Would Actually Be Gaining Weight,On Purpose,By Putting A Lot Of Sugar,Butter,Fat,Oil & Salt Into 8 Baked Potatoes & Then Eating All Of Them,Because They Don’t Want To Be Part Of The Gymnastics Team.

I Would Like All Of Them To Have Long Hair & Maybe,All Of Their Finger Nails & Toe Nails Can Be Painted Red At The Same Time & They Can Also Be Wearing Teva Sandals At The Same Time,If Necessary.

Some Of The Views That I Would Like To See All Of Them In,While Wearing Gymnastics Leotards,Are A Front View,A Right Front View,A Right Side View,A Right Rear View & A Rear View.

Another Thing About The Simulation Is That I Would Like You To Leave Every Part Of Their Faces Alone,Including Their Faces,The Areas Under Their Faces & Their Necklines,Because I Would Only Like You To Simulate What Their Bellies,Their Thighs & Their Butts Would Look Like If They Gain 30 Pounds.For Real,While Wearing Red Gymnastics Leotards.

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Isn’t this the same post from the locked thread before? Pretty sure contravening a lock isn’t going to go very far…

Well, in before this getting locked as well, my advice to you is that no one is going to up and make this game for you. You have quite a… specific idea in mind, so why not putting it into practise by attempting to create a sim or a VN yourself to flesh out your vision? Perhaps the idea would look better when actually executed.

Locked due to duplicate of A Gymnast Gaining Weight

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