Weight Gaining Test

Bug thanks to Chubberdy for the base sprites (Base Sprite Files)

So I’ve been making games for a few years. I always wanted to make a feederism game but never had the guts to do it (this fetish is a secret). I found this forum and now I just made a quick little test game for any future projects. I cannot guarantee any real games coming in the future, just needed to get this off my mind.

(Edit: Ive gotten over 300 clicks on the link. I might consider making an actual game. Thanks for the support)

Gain weight while animation is playing
Ground Rumbles as you gain weight
Speed and Jump height affected by weight

  • A and D to move
  • Space to Jump
  • Plus and Minus to add/subtract weight

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r066t3nul7ryn8n/file


This looks good!

Couple bits of feedback: the only +/- works from number-row keys, not numberpad.

Also no floor or ceiling to the Minuses or Pluses. For example, if I hit + 2 times after max weight, thosr are two more minuses to shrink back down.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this!


I like this so far. I hope you implement this into a game. That’d be awesome!

I cant fix the numpad problem because my laptop has no numpad. I think the ceiling and floor are still manageable. Sorry i cant update this often.

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Uh the download link is failing for me

Same, tried to download but my browser refused, instead flagging it as a virus and cancelling the download.

Totally understood! Just wanted to give some feedback. This is a good prototype, too!

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It does that when the exe is published by an unverified company (me). It does that for any unpopular games. Just press the arrow near the download and click keep.

That’s if you’re running the program, but this is just from downloading from the site. It’s flagging the downloads as Trojans. I’d try using a different site like dropbox.

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Ill try to do it as fast as i can. Wont make any guarantees though.

Link Changed. Hopefully it works this time.

Is it supposed to be a .crdownload file?

.crdownload means its corrupted. It usually shows when you try to open it while its installing. Delete the crdownload and download again. Its supposed to be a .exe

Ohh I think I get it. My computer is detecting “base.exe” as a malicious file and is interrupting the download. weird.

I created an account just to say this, but I had the “Virus Detected” issue, and I found 2 workarounds. Either make a Linux VM and download it, then copy it to your host, or download it using an Android Phone and plug it into your pc and copy it.
I don’t think an iPhone would work though, because IIRC it doesn’t let you plug it in and access the files.

Doing gods work, lmao.

A pretty decent implementation of the sprites. I’m at a loss as to where it could go from here.

how do i work around this?


I’m sorry, the file was marked as a virus for some reason. I’ll try to change the file as fast as I can.


It got marked as virus.