Base Sprite Files

Due to the fact that flash is more or less ending in a few months, having less time in general, and some frustration with programming, I’ve decided that I’m probably not going to have the motivation to finish my temple game thing any time soon. I probably won’t finish it at all if I have to start over with a different game making engine. Blame scope creep. So I’m just going to put these sprites out here for anyone to use as a base if they’d like. All I ask is you credit me for it.

Link to download

EDIT: Although I’ve included the pngs for most of the frames, the more useful files are the .xcf files, which you can open with gimp (gimp 2.8 is what I made all these in). Gimp is free, so no worries about having to buy anything. The animations can also be directly viewed in gimp by going to filters>animation>playback. The default frame length is 100ms, and if you see anything in parentheses that’s an adjusted frame length.


Adobe is trying to end Flash for years now but they can’t because everyone is using it. :expressionless:

It sucks that a game comes to an end becuse of it but some people are probably happy that they can use your sprite’s ^^

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