Space Gains

Thanks again to @Chubberdy for providing the character sprites.

I’d been working on a WG game using my Weight Gain Engine, but I’ve pretty much lost motivation to work on the game at this point, so I figured I might as well release what I’ve made so far.

Play it here:

There are a few simple rules:

  • If you’re shot by an enemy ship, tiles of your ship might be destroyed in an explosion. Because space is filled with food, as soon as space becomes exposed to your ship, food will begin rushing in and you’ll gain weight.
  • There’s a scale at the top area of the ship which will tell you your weight.
  • The blue/green pad, in the top right, will gain you weight while you’re stood on it.
  • While you’re within the green radius of the radar console, the game map will be visible.
  • While you’re stood on an arrow pad, your ship will move in that direction.
  • While you stand on a number pad, that corresponding numbered gun of your ship will fire outwards.

I personally liked the idea of the game, it does seem pretty unique and it might have more potential, hope you continue working on this!


can you make it for tables

Can he make a flash game you can only play on an electronic device… playable on a real life table?

I think maybe Han’s Trying to say tablet?

I feel… making a pc game(especially a fetish one, which you might not want to play out in public anyway), for a mobile device would be an entire other process, I don’t know how you make mobile games, but I don’t imagine you can just copy paste something designed to work with a keyboard/mouse into a device without either, and you can only operate by touching the screen.

So , maybe, I don’t know… I guess it depends on the game’s engine. A doubt an RPGMaker game would be able to be ported.

RPG Maker MV (and presumably every version going forward) can compile games in such a way that they’re mobile-compatible, to my recollection.

Well, then… How would one go about converting them to be actually playable though?

No clue. I just know it’s possible, because the games come with pointer controls, by default.

this is very good! i like it!