weightgaming.com Iceberg

I’ve been on this site many years and have always been blown away by how much I come across here. Recently it got me thinking about how well know some things on this site are compared to others especially to newer members of the site.
I made an Iceberg based on this site and I hope you guys like it and even make your own or even add new info to future iceberg.


How is starbound not on there, I feel like its foot print is big. I am a Godot dev so it hurts a bit to see my engine of choice not on there, but I am a solid 4 layers in before we get to stuff I don’t know. Great post


Ah man, Turris Puesco. That brings me back… Shame it didn’t get developed much. I also feel like Forest and Shack should be on here somewhere since that game died suddenly due to the author’s computer either being stolen or experiencing a wipe and the dev just decided not to work on it any more.


I made the first post: Hi, i'm Dohovocom, and I'm here to introduce myself to the forum

Not sure why it’s so deep on the iceburg lol


The iceberg will be updated in the future, stay tuned :slight_smile:

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The iceberg takes perspective of everyone and newer users wouldnt know about the first post hence its so deep in the iceberg.

Yo i remember forrest snd shack, ill add it to a future iceberg :slight_smile:

“Games being announced too early” should probably go one layer under “Cancelled games”

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Oh? I think you may need to explain this one? :slight_smile:

The legacy of Tainted Elysium


I feel like Forks should be up there. It was a huge part of the community and was one of the orginal pioneers of WG visual novels.



a lot of cancelled games are cancelled because they are announced too early and then die off after, some are not officially cancelled but they end up completely stalling out or slow to a crawl, because publicity adds pressure and pressure tends to slow things down, there are some people who boost under pressure most people are not like that.

It is an odd addition but I think it applies

how is the old site not on this iceberg? or Tainted Elysium?