Weighting Game 0.8 testers

I’m hoping to have the test version ready in the next 24-48 hours, so if anyone would like to apply to be a tester, please post in this thread.

Three criteria to be a tester:-

  1. Don’t share the game. Anywhere. Period.
  2. Must have a Discord account for bug reporting etc.
  3. It’ll be PC only. Sorry to anyone with a Mac.

If you satisfy these three conditions, feel free to apply below. No PMs please. I miss those far too easily.


I’d be happy to give it a test. Got a discord account etc and happy to help out if needed.

Hey longtime fan! Would love to test it, have a discord account and everything

Can satisfy all three criteria and am happy to help test.

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I would like to apply as a tester, I have some ren’py knowledge myself to help diagnose/fix bugs.


to be fair blade would be a great shout


Very cool. Glad to hear you’ve been making progress. I’m around if you need me :+1:.


I was a patreon supporter a while back. Your game was one of the reasons I became a regular lurker on this site; So i’d love to be a tester if there’s still a seat.

If you need people I’d be happy to, anyway to support the game, however if there’s high volume of applications then I understand if you want to keep it short. I know including myself a lot of past patreon would love to offer help

I’m up for testing. all criteria are fulfilled and I’m ready whenever

I’d love to help testing! This game is what introduced my to weight gaming so I’d be pretty hype. I also fulfill each of the criteria listed above.

I’d gladly test the game. I have a pc, discord, discretion, and experience finding obscure bugs in your game. Although maybe that last one is a negative.

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Have played the game since 0.2 and stayed on Patreon since the end - would love to see what you´ve been up to. Plus I have some knowledge of Ren`py myself :sweat_smile:

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I’d love to take part in testing–I’ve followed this game since the earliest versions and have spent a decent amount of time poking around in the code out of interest to see how it works. I’ve helped find and fix some bugs in other projects before and would love to help you out on this project!

Hey, i would love to test it too, i have some coding experience from other games also, so that would hopefully help too :slight_smile:

Hi, I was one of the patreon supporters! I’ve missed this game and would love to help out where I can! If you need my discord, feel free to DM on here!

Would love to test it for you, been watching and playing this game since it’s first post on the site. I also have a discord, am on a PC, and will uphold your request on no sharing, so I am good on those fronts.

Old backer, willing to test.

would love to test this out

Would love to test 0.8. Have been a tester for some indie games, although they were all PvPs.