WG Academy by Hanogi (WG학원 살찌우기 RPG)

Found this on Pixiv a couple of days ago, have just now gotten around to testing it, but it looks promising:


well i tried translating it and it’s hard to do it without know how to do it properly since it’s in korean but it does look nice

It took me forever to get Translator++ to co-operate, it kept trying to work from Japanese.

Even then, it came out of the translation rougher than a 40 grit belt sander.

I’ve already played this game, so let me warn you that the second event of the girl with blonde hair and the girl in white result in black screen, so it’s always good to save before interacting in the class, and that in the second room the penultimate option doesn’t allow you leave the text box, all options take you back to the same place


man this game needs to be translated asap

Well did you play it with a translation? If so, can you provide it. If not, can you tell us what one has to do?

Can you atleast share your translation? Maybe it will help a bit lol

No, I played in Korean

after translating it i gotta say this game has great potential but boy is it buggy, the sequencing is all over the place, you don’t see the girls gain weight but only under random conditions. but i hope it becomes more playable in the future.

just download translator++ and watch a tutorial on YouTube. that’s what i did and it worked for me. just make sure you translate every single file in game though.

I translated it with translator++ so ill just give ya’ll the link to it

I Played, like, 20 minutes of it. So far my biggest gripe is all of the negative space. Given the lack of detail there is not reason why every area is as large as they are.

Keep in mind that the translation might have broken some scripts, so that might explain the bugs. They can be fixed with a human translation.

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Have you had any problems w the girls gaining weight on your translated version?

So far I got one of them to 120kg and she hasnt gained any weight, I even went into the files to see if she had the sprites and she did.

Interesting, does that character look any different outside the classroom, in the common rooms?

At the moment, the visual aspects of the weight gain is very borked. After hours of playing the game, I’ve seen a lot of strange and very unintuitive behavior with the game’s weight gain. The numbers you see when accessing the PDA seem to be consistent; however, the visual sprites have a lot of strange behavior that’s kinda hard to describe. There are only a few things that I know 100% for sure:

  1. The initial classroom will never show a student above the basic weight visually.

  2. Once you reach the 3 weeks point, the game will move over to classroom 2 and all the girls will be at their 2nd weight state visually. This also gives new class events. Nothing I’ve done changes this timing. It always happens regardless of every girl’s weight in the PDA. Class 2 also seems to consistently only show the second weight level; however…

  3. Non-active classrooms (including class 2 before the 3 week point) exhibit weird and inconsistent behavior on a girl-to-girl basis. One one play through the German girl appeared in class 2 before everyone else for no real reason, and I’ve also seen the Russian girl in room 3/4 at multiple different weight levels depending on the state of the school day, just to give a couple examples. The only exception is that all the sprites in class 1 will stop appearing once you’ve progressed to class 2, which from what I can tell is intended

  4. Later classrooms that have girls appear in them will ask for what seems to be food intended for that weight level. However, the food they ask for will be unavailable because the stores do not stock it yet. Once the game progresses you to class 2 as I mentioned before, the stores will start stalking what I presume are the level 2 foods, which can be used in the 2nd classroom.

So yeah. Point is, I really can’t recommend playing this right now. There’s very little if any progress to be made, and what little progress can be made is often irrelevant to your actual decisions. And that’s just with the weight gain. There are issues in a lot of other places, and I haven’t even touched the stock market thing yet.


Um…Hi I’m the game maker of it. First, Thanks for your playing.

I know it has many bugs and weird stuff because this is my very first game, and I reworked this game(this is why non-active class appear I think…). I’m trying to fix it at my best.

So basically, If every girls in class weigh over certain number, next class would be opened. e.g. Class 2 will be appeared if every girls weigh over 100kg.


I see, it must be that the weight that all the girls gain over time just ends up being enough to reach 100kg after about 3 weeks from just the class events. This is also pretty likely cause of the Black-haired character not being feedable until class 2. I only did 2 playthroughs to class 2 and I never fed all of the girls equally (especially since 2 of the events for the girls are broken), so that lines up.

I’m assuming that you’re doing it this way because you don’t have a good way of changing the character sprites based on the girl’s weights. There are quite a few ways to get this to work in a more intuitive and reactive way, so personally I would try a different solution. One solution I’m very familiar with is Peach and Grip5’s weight gain script made for Grim’s Unnamed Stuffing RPG.

Either way, don’t feel too discouraged. There are plenty of games on the site that are a buggy mess. It’s just something you’ll need to work on as time goes on. Game dev is a messy process as it is, so don’t worry about things not working out right away. I think with enough time this game will turn out to be just fine.

Either way, I look forward to playing future versions of the game.


Oh that weight gain script solution might be essential for my game! I’ll apply it to my game as soon as I learn how to do it.

Thanks for your help and cheerful words.


could you also at some point translate it to english for us players that don’t understand korean :slight_smile:

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Hey man glad you’re on here! And take as much time as you need w fixing the bugs. This game has amazing potential!

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