WG Games

so recently i was playing a WG game and i was wondering if there were any other games of the kind that were fully released and not under development, if someone could send some i would apreciate it

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Check out Super Fatty RPG (found on this site), Fatty Text Adventure (found on FurAffinity), The Pirate’s Fate (found on Steam).
These require some longer playing time, but they’re well made and very fun!

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I would suggest looking at these two topics

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i saw pirate’s fate and fatty text adventure also checked out super fatty RPG but i got stuck at some point where i couldn’t really leave the town

There’s an uncompleted but still quite long game called Unnamed Stuffing RPG.

There is a lot do in this game and it takes up a bit of time, that being said it’s still being worked on but has a lot to offer.