WG-Themed Sci-Fi/Fantasy Creatures/Items

Was partially inspired by this post right here: SCP weight gain Game? - #26 by janedoe

I think it would really cool to have a fake organization like men in black dedicated to capturing weight gain-related paranormal activity, urban legends, and mythical creatures

Here are some prototype files/documents I came up with to give you a feel of what kind of sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural stuff I was thinking of:


This is interesting… I’d like to see artists depict their take on these. It’d be cool

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I like this idea. So it’s just setting concept?

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Yes. However I need a good name for it, but don’t know what to call it. I am honestly not very familiar with what the SCP Foundation is aside from the fact it’s a secret gov lab that holds strange things. Don’t even know what the abbreviation stands for. Any names that would be good play on the title?

Not yet. But i think its too early to name it, if you just started thinking it through. Naming will be better, if you will know more about your own setting.

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Oh, well for setting, I had in mind a secret lab/facility located in the US that takes in phenomena all over the country. Might as well be in Washington DC since that’s the nations capitol.

SCP stands for

they have different categories or “Classes”

  1. Safe ~ Anomalies easy to secure and contain without much effort. Usually not too much of a threat, yet still not something normal. Ex: SCP-1356
  2. Euclid ~ Anomalies that require more resources to contain completely, or containment is not reliable. Usually because they’re unpredictable or too abstract to comprehend. Somewhat dangerous.
  3. Keter ~ The absolute madman of an anomaly. The most harmful and dangerous SCPs land on this category, as they are a huge threat to society, commonly hostile/agressive towards almost everything,although not necessarily a requirement.

There are more classes, like “Neutralized” and I believe “Thaumiel” too, but only the three above are the ones that you will see being used in every SCP.


Hrm, my classification system might go based on whether the supernatural thing is a person/place/item. Or perhaps whether it’s natural or supernatural (natural being diseases and biological things, supernatural being strange fantasy powers). Hrm I dunno.

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I honestly think that the euclid and keter classes are really cool, since they don’t have to specify that, making the reader come with zero expectations on the effects of the scp.

There are sub-classes though, which can specify that, aswell as different tags without having to make it an entire separate group
Maybe because I’m a sucker for multi-purpose words that have a long explanation behind, specially when they have lower-mid-high terminology (? don’t know how to say it lmao)


Something that made the scp fundation so popular is the fact that none of the scps are copyrighted, serving as a portal to dump ideas and make others do whatever they want with them
Making a game, fanart, writing stories, or just reading it and discussing it with friends. I feel like this should also be important in this project aswell


Here is a list of all the ideas I’ve come up with so far. Let me know if there are any interesting that stick out to you. I also apologize for any grammar errors. These were just some rough drafts, but I can take time to elaborate on some of them if I need to

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I was a big fan of Fringe, and there were a few episodes that I can think of off the top of my head that could have included weight-gain/expansion elements with only small adjustments.

There’s nothing saying you have to make a whole new “MiB” type of organization to police fattening objects - you could use an existing one if you wanted. SCP is discussed already, with many case files easily adapted for weight gain. Fringe Division investigated a lot of weird crap in its day as well. For more comedic, you have MiB - who knows what kind of alien… stuff… MiB has dealt with that could lead to weight gain or similar? Torchwood is another one. It’s been a long time since I watched it but I think they had an episode once that covered something that could have lead to weight gain, should they have chosen to do so.

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Yeah I just wanted to come up with another organization to keep it separated and avoid confusion with the real thing

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Gotta say, that’s an impressive amount of ideas in one list. Definitely like the potential of this, if not for stories developed within the universe these things exist in, then for sparking the imaginations of others on this forum.
For ideas for the name (most will use expansion as that is the broadest term that I can think of that includes inflation, stuffing, weight gain, etc.):

  • Central Watch for Abnormal Expansion (CWAE)

  • Expansion Containment Unit (ECU)

  • Guard and Ready Extraction for Abnormal and Supernatural Expansion (GREASE)

  • Facility for Alien (unknown in this sense) Threats (FAT)

If you really wanna go in depth with things, you could even make a broad overarching organization with sub-organizations for the more specific anomalies (organizations that study/watch specifically for weight gain, stuffing inflation, pregnancy, etc), though that definitely depends on what you want for the whole thing.

Good luck with this project!


I think Facility for Alien Threats is the winner…

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why did I get no notifications about this?! I love all of them!

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Glad you like them. Have a discoed by any chance?