what are some good female weight gain games?

just thought I’d ask cuz I have a hard time finding good ones

I mean, there’s a whole Curated Projects section of games here that are good enough for the forum itself to support. I think most of those are female-oriented. Also, you could check the Fat Fortnight Game Jam posts, most of those are pretty good and based around female weight gain.


I am also having a hard time finding them, but there’s a forum user on the case already. Check out his thread: what are some good free female weight gain games? (preferably 3d)

He’s actually the one who posted that one, too. Not sure why he needed to post a second one.

Honestly I think the best answer to these kinds of inquiries is just this: go explore the #projects and #curated-projects sections, as well as the #fat-fortnight-submissions section for contest entries. Most games on this site don’t take too long to download and try out, and with something as subjective as erotica I think that’s really the only way to go about finding something you like. This site already serves as a centralized repository of this kind of content, so 90% of the work involved with finding your next favorite fetish game is already done. My advice is just to browse around, keep an open mind and be willing to accept that not everything you play will be the right fit. Happy perusing!

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yeah it wasn’t showing up for some reason so I thought it wasnt there my bad