what happened to free cities?

so what happened to free cities? I used to play but I had to clean my pc and ended up losing, in my search to download I realized the game almost completely disappeared from here I know it may have been the site update as it already happened, and in this I ended up finding the author’s site with the download of version 10.7 but for some reason of an error and does not work in chrome, which is strange, if anyone can tell me what happened and help me with this little mistake I will be grateful :grinning:

Oh jeez now I’m worried about my game :scream:.

Maybe it’s because they killed Flash? 🤷🏼

I can’t speak for chrome as I use firefox myself, however I actually recomend downloading free cities pregmod over the original. Whilst it says mod, it is much more frequently updated over the original (current original version is fairly old and could now have broken with browser updates). Pregmod has more extreme content that can be off putting but it can literally all be disabled to give you the experience you want. As an added bonus for us here on weight gaming it actually has a weight gain focused future society called hedonistic decadence that is pretty fun to play with. It can be downloaded off of the free cities pregmod github fairly easily. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

A modded version of the Pregmod with extra wg (gluttony) content was posted on the board a while back. It was to be incorporated into it, but there were issues with version compatibility when trying to merge the fork which were never resolved.

No, it’s still Twine, just not built within Twine’s editor, as the game is unreasonably large now. The actual ‘compilation’/packing is done with TweeGo. and spits out HTML and other markup that should work in any browser. I did the WG mod, and did most of my testing in Chrome, so that definitely works. BUT local storage used for save games is challenging in Chrome as there’s no way (currently) to extend it (unlike Firefox). If I recall it gets tricky beyond about 50 slaves.

Well, the problem I mentioned earlier doesn’t happen in the modified version, and I found that the normal version of the game works on firefox. I still appreciate the help of everyone here, but I still don’t understand why the lack of posts here, warning about certain things and changes
I like the game, and it’s a good game and needs to be resurrected here on the site. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Silver_Cry: I’m not sure I understand. Are you expecting the other people here to keep track of games they didn’t develop?

The original FreeCities wasn’t anything to do with Weight Gaming, and it’s development stopped in 2017. The author’s git repository was deleted by github when they decided they weren’t going to have anything to do with that kind of content. With the repo gone there’s no simple way to resurrect it.

Pregmod is also nothing to do with Weight Gaming. However it does have an active (very active) development on gitgud. There are a lot of folks working on it (but no one from WG as far as I know), and it is the “resurrected free cities” if you like. It is very much in a state of flux at any given instant. And it isn’t just pregnancy content. However, like any open source project in active development downloading the latest version could get you anything. You may want to select the “release” branch and take that. You’ll have to run the compile scripts too.

The WG mod that I did is the only one that has anything to do with Weight Gaming. If there are any changes to that I’ll post them here. I may revisit it once there’s a good stable release to work off.

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Do you have any link about the game itself? Becayse I cannot find it anywhere

Free Cities is dead. Long live Pregmod.

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