what happened to sushi?

Remember a few years ago there was an inflation animation channel named sushi on youtube, but since when his videos and channels have been deleted?
Does anyone know the reason behind this?

Thank you for reading and sorry my English is not good this post was done by a translator.


This is something that has been happening a lot lately, Youtube seems to be taking down any fetish channels that it can find. I don’t watch any of these channels, but this is what other people have been discovering: YouTube's Terminations of Channels

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I agree with tombot. Youtube now delete my videos with fat female models even if they just have big boobs and jiggle physics. I got strike on this video Demonlord+ ssbbw Gam2 (MHW) - YouTube , this video Weight Gain mod v1.8 (Fallout 4) - YouTube and many others even if there is only partial nudity. I think they now have eunuchs as moderators and throw strikes to everyone who has bbw tag or boobs tag on video.


My dude, you just made my day with that comment. If your content get deleted on youtube can we find it anywhere else? Twitter? I honestly forgot if you had one already.

Unfortunately I didn’t find any other places which let upload those kind of videos with erotic content. Twitter only let you upload video which length is 2 minutes 20 seconds.

Wait, didn’t this site allow users to upload videos? Is there a limit here too? Becaus i tought you could make a small page where ya post stuff. If you don’t have one already.

Well “”“technically”"" Youtube’s rules state that you’re not allowed to post anything with the intent that someone could/should fap to it, even if it’s not actually NSFW.

Like, here’s how it works, two examples:

  1. You host a channel that has loads of videos of people’s clothed boobs from movies, candid videos of rando people’s boobs in public, your own streams of you drawing boobs badly, etc. The channel is just called “Good Chests” or “K. Ericson408952734”. There are no descriptions or tags on any of the videos, and all videos are just numbered with no names. 20m followers! There’s a solid chance you’ll never, ever get in trouble or have your channel taken down, even if people report your videos quite a bit, as long as the videos don’t cross any lines like nipple sucking or whatever.

  2. You host a channel that has loads of videos of people’s hands from movies, candid videos of rando people’s hands in public, your own streams of you drawing hands badly, etc. The channel is just called “Delicious Hands”. The description of each video talks about how much you like the hands, your favorite parts about each hand, and which finger is your favorite, how much you’d like to taste their palm sweat. You diligently tag each video correctly and thoroughly, making sure to have a tag that says “hand_fetish” or “sexy_hands”. 20m followers! Youtube doesn’t allow this, and will wipe the channel the second someone bothers to report it.

The rules are pretty dumb, TBH.

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Weightgaming is a forum, not a video host. You can’t upload videos here.

I understand that they have plans for this website, so maybe in the future we could upload videos, but I really can’t confirm.

The hosting cost of that would be quite high. Maybe some time down the line, but nothing we’re going to get to any time soon.

Eunuchs? I agree. Silicon Valley became more prudish over the years. It’s like everyone there has an aversion to sexy ladies.