YouTube's Terminations of Channels

In recent years, YouTube’s been taking a stand against fetish content, with one of their recent victims being @Axxis. This is the sole reason why I never upload ANYTHING at all to the site except feedback in videos belonging to other channels, combined with YouTube’s stance on copyrighted material in regards to things like TV shows, movies, music, and even video games (especially the latter’s OSTs and media outside of games).


Could be a good idea for channels to start migrating to alternate sites, only since I doubt youtube will move on this.


Officially, Youtube doesn’t allow actual fetish content in a fetish context, it never has.
BUT any videos/channels that don’t really highlight the fact it’s for fetish purposes survives.
Like, if you make a video about women’s feet in sandals, that’s fine, but if you make a video labeled with “foot fetish” tags, it’s not.
Even if it’s something like belly inflation; if it’s presented without being labeled as something for people to fap to and doesn’t show hoses being jammed into holes, it doesn’t break any rules technically, and can’t be removed.

I’m currently in an appeal process with youtube and it looks like I could be reinstated soon but yeah losing 4 years worth of videos while sleeping really sucked, I’m going to start posting on other sites soon incase it happens again and a dedicated twitter is coming, I’d go into more detail but I was saving that for my own post later today. I would like to thank you for posting this to raise awareness of this and I hope as content creators I hope people start multi-site posting alot more in the future.


Yes, please let us know what new video site you will be on and I will definitely follow if you decide to move. I am very sorry to hear that Youtube is being the cold menace they usually are once more.

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This just in: YouTube is progressively getting worse and worse because it has no fucking competition. Up next, grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and I hurt people.


Aw AXXIS WAS TAKEN DOWN?! That’s actually pretty sad :frowning:

Well…I guess its time to make a weight gaming video sharing website lol


Funny enough, PornHub would actually be a really good option, as long as you’re okay with sending them an actual picture of you so you can get verified.
Might be a little overkill, though, since most WG/inflation games aren’t lewd enough and it might be off-putting for people to have to go to a very raunchy porn site just to look at a review for a game that might actually be SFW enough for kids to play.

Still, there ARE people on PornHub that post reviews on things, or post things that aren’t ultra-lewd, so it could still work out.


you say that as a joke but it is more viable of a thing than you might expect

peertube lets you create your own instance of “youtube”. it also features peer-to-peer broadcasting to lower the infrastructure loads for the host (a bit like how torrents work)

you could also be a bit more “retro” and just make a torrent hosting site and have people create “channels” on it and just upload the torrent files. I am pretty sure torrent clients allow for streaming so you wouldn’t even need to download the whole video to start watching it.

the technology to make the internet good again exists we just need to start using it


Oh wow, this is actually crazy cool, do you think we should start doing this if youtube wants to purge fat fetish content?

personally I think that the tech being good and it lets people have control over the stuff they produce is reason enough for everyone to use it, not just people getting banned from youtube :​P

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Well, I’ll be sure to check it out a bit more cause it looks good and it sounds even better.

As far as stuff by users like FunnyCat2008, etc. are concerned, Patreon and Newgrounds are also alternatives, and the latter has a ratings system kind of like the ESRB.

UPDATE: The reason why I brought up @Axxis, FunnyCat2008, etc. is because I show great concerns for other users on YT like @SquirrelGirlDGT and @SyAbleman.

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There’s also Odysee, BitChute, Rumble… those places you could post to; several creators on YouTube have accounts on several different platforms in case something like this happens, especially since they cover stories on a stance YouTube doesn’t like.

my official statement is out for those who wish to read:
In regards to the termination of Axxis Gaming. - General Discussion - Weight Gaming


I’ve heard about this! :frowning:
Way before the termination, I first noticed the “Unavailable” thumbnail when I commented on Axxis’ video about a playthrough of my game (The comment I left was like ever since Last month). That’s when I know something is going on.

I checked their profile, and they were terminated.

It’s kind of why I made all of my videos private ever since 2019, I just don’t trust youtube at all.


Newgrounds is really iffy, they have a system where users have to vote on anything you submit for it to actually be posted to the site, and there’s just not enough inflation/WG users there.
When Axxis submits a video about a GOOD WG game, sure, it’d probably survive, but if it’s one of those low-quality games, or a game that’s a bit more deviant than usual, it won’t make it.

I’m going to start posting only fetish content and see how long it takes to get taken down


Out of curiousity, what sort of content did your YouTube contain? I presume fat content, but did you focus on humans, furries, a mix? I’m trying to gauge the situation because I’m also YouTuber with some vore/fat content series, though I focus towards furry stuff. So far I have yet to get into any real issues and I heavily curate/censor what I cover if I feel it needs it, but…