What is the biggest size you are willing to tolerate?

Personally i’m willing to go as far as mountain sized, because afterwards, it all just starts to blend in, it just becomes the exact same picture drawn with a different background and sometimes a different pose.


I lose interest by the point of “blob that doesn’t look like it contains a human skeleton anymore.” That can mean a handful of different limits depending on the artist and design, but I think this pic by MetalForever shows where I usually draw the line.

EDIT: To be clear, I mean the brunette in this image is what my upper limit looks like most of the time, not accounting for body types or anything.


It depends on the scenario.
IRL, mobility is a must.
In pictures, anything that needs a separate close-up of the head. Though in sequences I can tolerate larger as long as there is good sense of scale, so not just the same pose with a slightly different background like you said.
In writing, if the gainee is any heavier than what could be moved by machines there’s not really any opportunity to tell any kind of long story, but it’s fine for short stories or if the gainee isn’t the perspective character.

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In my eyes, there are no limits. The act of expanding ever larger is, in itself, almost as exciting as the final size. So, at least for me, “Bigger is better” never came with a limit!


im with this guy. blob or unhealthy is a no go.

Realtalk, in terms of WG I like them to be somewhere almost realistic, blobs and such are just too much, I can’t handle suspending my disbelief that they’re still capable of doing anything but laying on the floor and drooling.

In literature, depending on how far the writer is willing to go is sort of the limit in that realm of reality. However usually once the character(s) reach around the 600 pound threshold is when it no longer is about the fetish and more to see the end product of the story
Like this from STC9892: Moving Back Home (WG) [COMMISSION] Part I by STC9892 on DeviantArt
Drawings are in the same boat, though in that case it is usually a still frame and never really goes into detail of day to day dealing with the excess weight so seeing a drawing of someone immobile still works for me.
Probably my favorite: One Hell of a Gain by pixiveo on DeviantArt

Real life however… I’m in the 250 to 300 range (if my partner likes it and wants to go further then perhaps 350 but that is the ultimate limit for me) since there is enough softness and fat to cuddle and play with while they can still enjoy eating and being pampered slightly.
Then again if they don’t want anything to do with it then too bad for me, there are still other outlets for me to use instead of doing anything like that.

I’m not even into weight gain ironically enough, I just care about overly-exaggerated belly sizes. I love chubby weight, though.


persoanly as long as someone can do the art or story well enough I’m good with any size. but at the minimum that I would like around building to mountain. yes the planet size does start becoming a little vague at the size but I can still enjoy them around that level

it depends on what type of mood I’m in.
if I want to be the fatty then about room size is where I would put a soft limit. after that it becomes a bit incomprehensible for me (unless it’s focused on one part of the body). going bigger doesn’t make much of a difference, it only makes the artist’s job harder.

if I want the person I’m with to be fat, then the fattest he can be and still be mobile is the limit (usually).
that’s mostly because I like there to be a Dom/sub dynamic to it and if he can’t move it’s harder for him to be the Dom.

If there were no problems whatsoever and she wanted a lot of weight, like in the thousands, I’d like it, but because of health problems and stuff like that, I’d want her to be in the 250-350 range, the maximum for me is 400.

I haven’t maximal limit but I need realistic fat, some artists lose quickly any sense of proportions depending how fat characters are.

I hate when, for example, arms and legs stretch up at measure the character grow fatter.

The lost of proportion is for me a turn off, not the weight itself.

Studiofa, for example have a really good sense of extreme fatness and human proportion.


Given the OP and subsequent remarks, I’m assuming we’re just talking artwork. In that case, the sky’s the limit, but I have some caveats.

Namely, house sized or planet sized really doesn’t appeal to me. At that point, my suspension of disbelief is very much undone.

Another pet peeve of mine regarding immobile/blob art is the fact that almost no one pays attention to the characters skeleton. Foxfire and Bamboo-Ale are the only two names I can currently think of who do maintain human proportions under all the blubber. Most other artists take the easy way out and blatantly ignore the blob’s biological frame, which results in some bizarre looking anatomy. Hips that are 14’ wide, legs that are 30’ long, etc. They got fat, not turned into Stretch Armstrong.

Some of my favourite art works, as a result, are the sketches the aforementioned artists produced, where you can see the different layers of the subject’s body. I love seeing just how deeply the human form is under all that mass. It also makes for an extremely immersive piece, as well. The proportions are still there; it is conceivable that this is possible, however unlikely.

And on a side note, I have kind of a love-hate thing regarding STC’s works. He’s written some good stuff, but he does tend to favour death feederism and health related stuff, and in my head canon, these issues don’t exist, or are easily mitigated.


Yeah, took the words right out of my mouth, but I do like some of the non-realistic stuff sometimes.

I have no limits, the abusrdity of impossibly fat gluttons is what I live for. Cosmic and beyond.


I agree with you for the most part. I do like a little chub, but I don’t really get into full on weight gain. I like the idea of maintaining a chubby physique, but the bigger the belly in particular the better!

My limits are different depending on the context. If I’m dating someone, I’d prefer they be healthy and happy over anything else, so my limit is whatever their limit is. If they’re skinny, whatever, there are other reasons I like them. Live action porn, my limit varies on my mood, but generally I stay at like, mid sized SSBBW and down. Think Big Cuties Jae, and smaller. In art the sky is the limit. Literally.

See, I actually like it when artists bend proportions a little with immobile sizes. If anything, overly realistic blobs are a turn off for me more often than not. I like soft, round curves, not an amorphous pile of rolls. Plus, I’m a thigh guy, so I love seeing a nice big belly “framed” by a plump set of legs. In more realistic art they tend to get buried.


And I’m very much the opposite, lol.

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Agree to disagree I guess, haha.

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