What kind of things (characters, features, etc.) you rarely or never see in wg visual novels?

I’m preparing to make a weight gain visual novel with daz3d for the characters. I want to make the game stand out from the rest so here’s the question. What kind of things you rarely or never see in weight gain visual novels that you would really like to see more of? I’m talking about characters, gameplay mechanics, situations thr characters get into and anything else you can think of.


variability and management as the main mechanics, but in the form of the main characters of monsters (spiders, bees, slime, dragons)

A more fantasy driven stuff, like Dungeons and dragons, medieval type world.

Its probably hell to create a daz 3d game based on the pints above

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Stomach capacity/size being totally separate from a character’s weight and their gaining.
Too many lock weight with capacity, or vice versa, not enough have it where you can train your character to be able to binge a ton of food while remaining relatively skinny.
Like, chugging tons of water daily to stretch your character’s stomach capacity out, only eating healthier foods along the way, so that you can become a total goddess of stuffing and NOT become a landwhale SSBBW unless you choose to.

Oh, on that note, metabolism as an actual stat that can be raised/lowered.


variety in the character sprites/models. Its usually like 2-3 variations and if the story is semi long then it gets old quick.
Dont even mean differen poses, but stuff like other outfits and stuff.

Also I feel like most WG novels rarely go far into weight gain and stop after what feels like 10 kilos or so, so having one where the end weight is alot higher would be dope


Lack of variety in character models is 99.999999% of the time caused by devs importing 3D model renders into Ren’Py, since they have to render each and every scene, every variation, every costume, all one-by-one, and that eats up the game’s filesize quite a lot, on top of making it take WAY longer to actually dev the game.

Imagine, if a game is kinda weak and there’s only 3 stuffing levels and 5 weight tiers, that’s already 15 total images per scene in the game, now imagine there’s 5 outfits, that makes 75 images needed to be rendered, and that’s just for one (1) scene.
75 renders for your character standing there at their house, 75 renders for a scene where they’re smiling and chatting with someone, 75 for a shopping scene, 75 for eating, 75 new renders for every single little thing you do clothed, 15 naked.
That’s only with 3 stuffing levels, 5 outfits, and 5 weight tiers, and assuming there’s no other customization, like eye color, breast size, etc.

I personally wish more Ren’Py devs would get into Unity or Godot and use their Daz3D/Koikatsu models as-is instead of struggling to render literally thousands of image variations, but that’s their choice, I guess.


uff its that bad? Yeah wondering why that engine is so popular then …
maybe its the same reason why rpg-maker games are so popular to make as the engine is quite beginner friendly…

I’d like to see a true harem game where the MC is involved in relationships with multiple girls feeding, stuffing, weight gain, sexual situations and sex. There has been one game I can think of were the point of it would of been an actual harem but it never really got there (for a 3D WG VN). Most games have multiple girls and the MC might interact with them. But often the girls don’t have knowledge of anything that happens outside of the MC being with them. It would be a cool to see a narrative VN where the MC is in an open (atleast eventually) relationship with multiple girls. Going on dates, wg, sexual situations being done in a harem style. Or just interacting with the girls together in general.

I figure this is least likely to happen because of the perception of harem games and the increased work load the concept has potentially but I personally would like to see it.

As far as something that sets a game apart from others though, a general concept or unique feature wouldn’t make something stand out as much as a good concept, writing to back it up, and good looking models/renders. I love VN’s for the narrative they tell and the visuals that normally accompany them. I can take an unrealistic more fetish focused narrative or something more grounded as long as the narrative and concept don’t feel like an after thought. That would probably make the game stand out for me personally the most.

For me it would be not enough progression in the model i feel like the model get fat (from what we see) too fat they usually get from fit to fat in only 1 intermediate shape. I would personnaly like more chubby, chunky, freshman 15 type of shape, muffin top, slight belly beer. Things like that.


I dont really see many playable male characters in visual novels, or even males in general.


Many things, like Pear-shaped BBW , SSBBWs sometimes, Force Feeding, death feederism, overeating(till sick kind).

personality wise, there’s always far removed and they don’t want to be fat or love it completely. my example that I like with varying personalities is the weighting game from tigeroo. He had different types, Girls who love it, girls who were oblivious of it and girls who did it to get with you. It feels authentic to play.

Scenario-wise… it seems to be the same types, Local town, meet everyone and upbeat. MC meets girls, The girl is either their gf or just someone who they met, they don’t want to get fat, then gets fat and boom they like it. I don’t see the darker parts of this kink. The obsessive types, or the horror type for this kink.


Art that isn’t made using stock 3d modeling software.

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I guess clowns, but that’s probably a (only slightly)bad answer

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While many projects may get a lot right in terms of the fetish material, too many are lacking in romance. A lot of people struggle to write women correctly and so many female characters in these types of games tend to come off as quite wooden and artificial. If you can make the women in your game feel human then you’re already ahead of the curve; bonus points if you can write believable queer romance.


When you just repeat evertime the same sentence to reassure any characters that they are fine as they are?and they don’t seems to be reluctant to loose weight?

I can understand that but that mean to much thinking for a fetish game I think.
Still could be good to see one where sabotage is important and jingling between no your good as you are and “helping them on there diet”

Show me one that has a radical plot of a M2BBW.

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feral characters, like dragons

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–Historical settings (especially without any fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural tinge)
–Gainers who are fully aware and in control of their gain
–Gainers who start fat
–Love interests who are older than 25

And this might be speaking from ignorance, but while i see a lot of naive-to-willing gainers, I don’t see much of the same for feeders. Nor do i see many dom(me) feedees

I can’t really be too critical here because overall I have a soft spot for weight gain tropes. I love the generic “newcomer to a small town meets women who have various self esteem issues or complicated histories with their weight and slowly influences them into gaining” set up, even though it’s been done plenty of times.


I don’t think there are many dom feedees out there. I’ve certainly never met one. Most feedees, certainly the ones I’ve been lucky enough to know, are at least a little (and often very) sub.