What WG Artist Do You Miss The Most?

Me? I miss GAIN-OVER after his passing (Rest in Peace, my friend), and am going to miss SolitaryScribbles when he deactivates on May 26th.


A lot of mine I don’t miss, just because they’ve come back. I suspect SolitaryScribbles may be among them, as he’s done this, before. This time he just warned us.

He didn’t erase everything and move on, but I miss Satsurou posting regularly!

PFH is an artist that’s just disappeared with no explination. FukuraCAM is another one, though he also developed some games as well.

I miss when AdjectiveNounCombo from when he did flash interactive sequences

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I miss HungryJackal, who just kinda vanished a long time ago… SebastianNightingale, died when he hit a tree in his truck. I also miss ColorPencilFun.

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I remember there was an artist called Axel Rosered who made some pretty great weight gain and fat stuff. He’s still very active, but switched to other fetishes that I do not enjoy


This thread is kind of a downer so far so I’m gonna be a doofus and say, myself.

This dumb bitch doesnt draw enough normal shit any more, let alone the fact that I think it’s been years since I’ve done fats. I deserve the utmost shame.

Mine would have to be FoxFire486.


FukuraCAM is still there. I found where their website holding the gallery and their games are: http://fukuracam.com
Apparently this also has their yahoo.co.jp email as well for some reason, because when I attempted contact with them, they responded.

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Heads up, yo, FoxFire came back and he’s on twitter.



I miss Mungkorn because I was falsely banned from FA which is the only site he is reliably on

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Funnily enough I’m friends with them.

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Going to also say myself.

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Thank you for the link. I may have to get on twitter at some point.

You know, re:AdjNounCombo, I’m bummed that the BIG Zoey game isn’t gonna come out. I hope he passes his assets off to someone so they can keep it going.

I wasn’t aware of a big project he was working on

He mentioned it a few times, but it never really got to a publicly presentable point, I think.

Huttslayer, or ItsThighNoon. Really freakin’ talented, and Breakfast of Champions is imo one of the best sequences I’ve ever seen. I think it’s been a year since they last posted anything, and considering the last thing was talking about how they didn’t want to do Overwatch stuff anymore because a friend from overwatch was stealing their art (and Huttslayer had a tendency to freak out and nuke everything if her stuff leaked), it’ll probably never be finished. Damn shame.

I remember Toon-Dragon from Fur Affinity the most… not sure why the user stopped publishing artwork afterwards.

Shubijubi. Deviantartist who decided to bow out of the fetish lifestyle, in order to focus on the ‘real world’. Had a real talent for posting ladies at extreme sizes, particularly sequences.

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