What would make a good weight gain FPS game?

This is an idea I had kicking around in my head, and I wanted to see what others think are good ideas for the concept. I can definitely add to this as needed, but I want to start with fairly broad ideas. Personally, I’d make a “boomer shooter” that was either your character gaining or both you and the enemy gaining, probably either as a supplement or replacement to damage, but I’d like to hear what other ideas some others might have on the concept.


I do have an fps game idea starring a really fat character but not necessarily with gaining weight as a thing. most notes I have written down are just general fps game stuff but I will share what I think would work well.

“goomba stomp”
if you fall where you would take fall damage but you land on a enemy you would basically insta-gib them. you could also have a thing where if you land like that while crouching you make a bowser/yoshi style ground pound launching enemies that are within some range in the air. if you have bunny hopping (and air-strafing so you can actually control where you are going) you could also have the insta-gib happen if you run into an enemy over x speed. I would make explosive jumps not be affected by weight so you can use it more often

when the hunger meter is empty you take damage over time (or you lose fattness if you want gaining and losing weight to be a thing). when over x % full you heal over time (up to 100%) and you don’t lose overheal if you have it. when hunger is full you can’t eat (heal or use items). fatness could raise max hunger, max hp and/or max overheal

drunkenness is damage resistance and the drunker you are the bigger the resistance. if you are over x% drunk your aim gets worse (I would move the crosshair around because random bulletspread is the worst thing in fps games #FightMe). you could make it so the fatter you are the more drunk you need to be to get an accuracy penalty

some fattening mechanics outside of my notes
having knockback resist is pretty good, playing tf2 with the mantreads on and just walking forward at pyros trying to push you away is fun.
if you make it so that you walk slower when fat I would make it noticeable but not so much that it really matters. but if you do feel like -50% base move speed is necessary you should probably add something to make you go faster (like a grappling hook or something)

you could also make the game about fattening enemies instead of fattening the player character. so instead of killing them you “knock them out”. that way you get to see the fatties, outside of just a doom style HUD element

I also had a idea for a gun (just visually though). basically some creature (like the snarks from half life except they shoot something instead of being thrown) and when you reload it you do it by feeding it something


Two things come to mind: A weight gain fps would probably involve shooting food back and forth, but food wouldn’t be health, it would probably have to be the opposite for it to make sense. Health items would be things like diety and exersicey things (or maybe somthing generic like a weight loss pill) since you’re weight is now your health and food is your ammo in this instance.

And second, the entire game would mostly depend on it’s graphics. Theoretically a game like this would work as a mod for Doom, so you would not need to create 3D models or even custom levels if you could just make new sprites, but you would still need someone to do that.


fatten the enemies or maybe something like brink where the goals are wg and fat based


I don’t think moving slower as a penalty is a great idea for FPS where you’re bunnyhopping/strafing everywhere, it’d probably get pretty frustrating. If higher weight = lower health, I think a cool idea would be for them to be able to stomp like @Yamhead said, doing more damage, basically becoming a glass cannon the closer they are to 0 health/immobility. More skilled players could purposefully get hit or eat food in order to get better stats

And pay someone to scream in your ear every time you do anything, like Halo multiplayer


I think that in a pvp environment tying weight/fatness and health is a bad idea. it creates a bit of a disconnect between what the player wants and what the game wants. if fat = low health, then you get rewarded by taking hits and if fat = high health, then you get punished for hitting enemies (because now there are fewer fatties).

one thing you could do in pvp is have players get fatter the better they are doing. you could have it be purely cosmetic or as a type of catch-up mechanic.

another thing is you could do is make the game work a bit like the super smash bros mod for tf2. you don’t kill people by doing damage to them but by knocking them out of the stage. it does bring in the problem of tying hp as I mentioned before but I thought it is an interesting take on doing things


You shoot food into the characters mouths to make them fatter

Wow, this got quite a bit more traction that I was initially expecting!
Definitely a lot of good ideas kicking around, especially from @Yamhead for the most part.

Yeah, I didn’t, and probably won’t, account for PvP, more so focusing on single-player gameplay.

That was honestly probably in the books despite whether or not the player gets fattened, at least at some point into gameplay, preferably early on.

This definitely works, since it could work for both replenishing health and decreasing weight if they’re separate systems, and it could work for just weight if that’s the health.

Definitely something to consider for sure, probably wouldn’t go under like 30% less speed, but of course exacts would have to be played around with for the best feeling.

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You might do something thats kinda RPG-lite where you have a few basic stats related to weight n such. Like for example, you might have digestion speed, that effects how quickly food gets turned into fat. Strength, that determines how fast you can move with how much weight. Agility, that effects reload speed and accuracy. Capacity, that effects how much you can have in your stomach at once. Stuff like that. I’m seeing a game with multiple possible builds depending on how you play. Like, high cap. str. and low digest speed for a melee based build that runs around smacking, voring, and snacking.

And then maybe a high agl, low str, low cap, high digest speed character who fattens enemies to immobility, and eats pickup food for healing.

Maybe weight can effect damage resistance or melee attacks or other things. Maybe you have to be a certain weight to make certain things in the level happen? Or maybe if you’re the agility character, you have to lure and then fatten an enemy enough so that they press the button for you.

Stuff like that would make for a fun fat based FPS.

(edit: had more ideas as soon as I hit send)

also I really like the idea of weight being a thing that carries across levels. Maybe you can have a home base area where you can play small minigames for some XP and weightloss so you’re light enough to start the next level? buy upgrades, look at yourself in the mirror to see how fat you are. Ect.


agar-io type games could be nice, where for example players get dropped into an open field and any player that becomes too big, becomes part of the environment. That is of course not to say that they stop being able to grow.

Though, it would need a spectator mode or be able to be played with one hand, for… reasons…

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One thing that should be considered is that part of being an FPS is that you are seeing everything from first person. In essence the weight of the character you are playing is meaningless unless you can see your own body, not many fps’s let you do that. This is why I think things should effect the enemy side more than the player.

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You could have a sort of “skiing” system for the player like the one that’s in the Tribes games, so you could have the players weight effect their regular non-skiing movement speed but their skiing speed about the same, so yo encouraging them to utilize more unorthodox forms of movement if they want to have the benefits of being B E E G and also keeping their speed.

If you combine this with the lower self damage from explosive weapons that Yamhead mentioned, encouraging you to use explosive jumping more at higher weight levels, a jet-pack or some other equivalent ,to allow for better course correction and also to gain a bit more momentum if you need it, you could have a really interesting system for an FPS.

The big issue with this idea is that you would have to account for this system in every single area of the levels, which would lead to having a shit-ton of slopes in basically every area. And a lot of open space for the player to achieve this momentum.

edit: since I did a shitty job explaining how the skiing in tribes actually works, I think this vid should give a good picture as to how it works in-game.


man skiing in tribes was so much fun

I think having big open areas works better in single player (blood and halo had some pretty big open levels if I recall) since only you will be “running” around at mach 10. you probably need some sort of objective to force the player to not just run past everything though.

one thing you could do to need less open space is to have something like the dash from warsow/warfork. it lets you bounce on walls or dash on the ground, keeping your momentum and redirecting it.
video explanation and in hands of a pro.
I would make it so it cost say 25-50% jetpack meter and that you can use it in the air and it redirects your speed in all axis (rather then just the “floor plane” like in warsow).

also I meant that you would always take the same amount of self knockback. to me having self damage resistance is something that is a question of “how much” rather than “should you have it” so I didn’t think about mentioning it :​P

another thing you could do (if you like vore) is have fat = mana/energy storage and have the player eat the enemies that they have fattened up to regain ammo


I’d like this if all the enemies are like. monsters. Or food based monsters. yum yum. Maybe an ability you can unlock once you get some stats to the right level.

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I think the best place for an fps feedism/weight gain game would be more like an arena based shooter like unreal tournament or quake. You pick up different foodbased weapons with varying levels of dps and or effects. Dps would be weight or stomach capacity related. You would pick up the weapons on the map.

You could handle respawns in a few different ways. Either a teammate has to help you, (maybe they supply a weightloss pill or antiacid or something?) Or it could be more stylized like they are teleported away, stomach pumped and thrown back in.

Point systems could be based on tkos from weight, ctf, or just a total amount of weight gained.

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If you wanted to add in elements of weight game throughout, maybe you do dps as stomach capacity, and then each respawn changes your fat/weight higher, slowing you down but raising your dps effectively changing your class from lightweight, medium, tank, then after 2 or 3 respawns your character is too big to continue and becomes a spectator.

If the player can be affected, it’s better off being a third person shooter instead so that you can actually see it happen, HUD simply won’t cut it. In that case, instead of fatter = slower, it could make you a bigger target and change your kit, e.g. a 1000 pound blob can’t really roll, but that titanic ass will flatten people easily and since you don’t lose movement speed, you could start ramming people. On top of it, being too big would block certain routes (good luck squeezing into a normal door, fatty), but open others. For a very random and not well thought out example, you have a corridor with a locked door that requires both walls to be touched to unlock it for security reasons. You can’t do that with your limbs, but you can pull it off by simply being fat enough for your sides to touch both walls.
You can also separate weight increase and actual damage.


So I think I just came up with a pretty feasible and unique, at least for an FPS:
The player can be affected by weight gain, and it will be separate from damage, but health will be more like stamina in a way, still functionally basically like health, but you lose more the bigger you are, functionally the opposite of armor. So at first, you’d worry about your weight, as most attacks early on won’t do much stamina damage, getting too fat makes you a veritable sitting duck, even low level enemies taking decent chunks out of you.
“So I’d just wanna avoid getting fat, right?” Well yes, but actually no! Why? UPGRADES!
The main gimmick, not too dissimilar to @Chubberdy’s Spacethumper, is to use your weight to purchase upgrades, be it movement speed, damage, reduction in damage at higher weights, and several other things that could lead into very interesting builds that would be…
wait for it…
Worth the Weight! :smiley:

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Maybe this can be some inspiration?
Inflation Rooms by MadLad224 (itch.io)

The mechanics and methods of inflation look like they’d fit just as well in a first-person shooter.
Note: Axxis Gaming had done a video of this on YouTube before it got taken down. That’s how I found it.