What's the Best way to make a character model fat?

What’s the best/easiest way to take a 3d model of a character and make them fat? I’m still learning blender so any feedback is nice

This might be up your alley-street-location: How to fatten up V-katsu models in Blender

Man, that method is definitely not for beginners, and I personally still have no clue why they’re doing it that way, despite having it explained to me in said thread.

Step one is to learn other stuff first. Don’t make the same mistake I did and practically start with lewd stuff; I’m behind on some major fundamentals that would’ve been MUCH better to learn earlier.

If you’re talking about taking an existing model, like, from a game, or from someone’s free download or whatever, you gotta be mindful of the fact that the model as-is probably wont take too kindly to being stretched and bloated all over the place, so you need to learn where to put new edge loops and how you can manage the mesh topology without ruining the character, then you can hopefully clean up the textures and maybe doodle in some new details and such.

Are you planning to use the model for a Unity project, or just for a quick wank? Is the character already textured and rigged perfectly? Is the character super-complex, or are they some Animal Crossing character? Are you planning to make them an SSBBW blob with fatrolls everywhere, or just regular fat?

TL;DR: it’s complicated, just use the subdiv modifier and sculpt, have a quick wank, then delete the file, IDK.

REAL TL;DR: it’s complicated, we need more detail about who you’re editing and how big you’re trying to go, and if you plan to keep the character’s rig intact or not.

as @SRP says it’s hard to give advice when we don’t really know what your skill level in blender is.

if you are just starting out then don’t really think about making fat characters yet. you should start with the fundamentals for how to navigate blender and make simple things. then work on poly modeling until you feel like you can make basically anything (but it might take a while and not look super good).

if you are good enough at poly modeling that you feel like you can do pretty much anything then I would recommend looking into how to do sculpting. sculpting is really good because you are separating the design and typology work. so when you are making your model you don’t have to worry about is the edge flow good, the poly density good and so on.

if you do know how to do sculpting and just want some general tips I would say the inflate, crease and mask brush are the ones I use the most. you should know how to hide and mask parts of the sculpture so you don’t accidentally ruin creases or whatever. if it is a really fat one I usually separate some parts of it (arms, legs, torso and head usually) then it is really fast and simple to hide parts of the model so you don’t get confused of what is what and you can’t accidentally edit different parts. when I want to make folds I usually make a little crease with the crease brush, mask the inner most part of it and then use the inflate and smooth brush to make it into a proper fold.

when I model I usually start by making a slim sculpture first then making parts of it fatter a bit at a time. partly because I want to make shape keys that goes from slim to fat so I need to make a slim sculpture anyway and I find it a bit easier because I have a reference of where joints and stuff is. then when I retopologize it I always start with the fatter model as a base because it will need more polygons than the slim one.

Hey thanks for the feedback!

My skill level in blender is limited but I’m pretty good at learning stuff like that. Do you know of any good female models I can use to get started with? Something from a video game would be better since I find them easier to work with. and would you be willing to help me through it perhaps? I mainly just want to put on 1-200pounds or so and nothing too insane. Really I just want to get better at making models so I can potentially work on a game in the future. Thank you!

I’m not sure if we would be allowed to tell you where there are rips of models from games. I don’t think it would be the best way of learning this stuff.

but if you want to do it, in the thread that Tombot linked I go over how I do it with V-katsu models and the process for doing it with any other model is basically the same. it’s probably a bit easier because the file format V-katsu uses is a bit strange so there are some steps that you don’t have to worry about.

Why not take a peruzle on the models Resource: https://www.models-resource.com/
They’ve got models from all over the place that might work for you.