Where are you guys from? [POLL]

I’d like to know this community better. I’m guessing the majority of users is from USA?
(I’m from Poland)

I had to choose continents because polls must have less than 20 options :confused:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Antarctica
  • Europe
  • Australia

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And you guessed right. USA right here.

i like watch girl WG, but i from Taiwan


I don’t post here very often (due to me being antisocial), but I’m from Norway.

I’m an American, I hope me being on this forum doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype that we’re all obese :joy:.
:us: :eagle:


Romanian here. :romania:

I’m from the UK. :uk:

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A fellow Balkan user! I’m from Greece.


I’m from Mexico y’all

Definitely from the USA.

America for me
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I am living in the USA.

US for me, best place to take care of my curves


Australia. Mentioning Kangaroo riding down the mainstreets of Sydney will get you blocked.


then we won’t
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I’m from the US. (Wanted to do a stupid chant thing, but the pop-up said the message was unclear, so I have to settle for this. ;-;.)

Venezuela here. Nice country in general, but horrible government.

I hail from the far away kingdom of Northwest America! Specifically the Sunny Coast Region :sunglasses: :sunny:

walks up riding a polar bear and drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle absolutely covered in snow pulling giant ice in tow im from Canada EY

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i’m from vietnam :wave::ok_hand:

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