Whole Hog - Version 1.5.1 (Bugfix) Update (PC and Mac) Now on Patreon! Version 1.4.2 now linked here for free!

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter how fast the laptop is. Given how low laptop VRAM amounts are, the only spec that will end up mattering is VRAM. Or at least 99.9% of it.

Also it has to be nvidia. Why? It literally just does not work otherwise. The iray engine only runs on nvidia gpu’s in vram. OR like what whole hog has been using so far, it drops from vram to ram, and from gpu to cpu, but the cpu is not designed in parallel like the gpu is.

You might be able to learn what brands to avoid/prefer from someone like jarrodtech. But when deciding what to buy. It’s essentially biggest nvidia vram amount you can afford crossed with source to buy from that you trust.

Now on desktops? Vram might not be the end all be all, why? Because the vram amounts are higher. Once you have “enough” vram, other specs start to matter, but a laptop will never reach this point. And the desktop cards merge generations of vram styles. The 3060 desktop card has way more vram than the 3070 desktop card, even though the 3070 is better in every way.

But checking the charts, none of that is true when comparing the laptop 3060 and the laptop 3070.

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ello this hound has a potentially stupid question
is there anything past the you are ready to invite danielle over alert?

You are read? Do you mean the when you max out cooking by practicing enough and it tells you, that now you can invite Danielle over for dinner? Because the answer is yes that is in stage one and regardless if your playing the new patreon update or the free one here. There is a lot more content past that.


I forgot the Y in there
and I meant if there are any remaining snack recipes or if thats it, I know changes have occured so trying to make sure I don’t look like a dog barking up the wrong tree if that makes sense

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Baking snacks once will give you that item permanently to gift to Danielle anytime for the rest of the game. Practicing cooking will let you invite her over for dinner and she will accept when you have high enough cooking. The warning just lets you know you can’t practice anymore. And you can now invite her over. If you try before you are ready she will turn you down.

But as far as content goes you are missing out on 70-85% of the game still depending on which version you are playing, if you are just now seeing that message.


no worries
it’s been awhile since this hound checked Wholehog and couldn’t remember if there were bonus recipes or not
thank you
and playing the most recent version so there’s that

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Posted a bugfix on Patreon with most typos fixed, the early weight stage for work activities and hopefully, finally, the infinite loop.



Oh thats mainly because I’m the human equivalent of a hot pile of garbage.

There has been more “ideological” progress than concrete progress.

I went in circles a bit, then figured I’d start from the beginning. I started posing the “morning after” scenes in Daz and things started clicking again.

Hope all is well,


Some people are very stupid. Don’t worry, we love your job and yourd diligent (although I admit that the game is so good that sometimes we wish the updates came out more often). So ignore this people.


i didnt mean to be so mean i´m sorry i enjoy your game


No worries here, I didnt take it as mean.

Ive been pretty trash at keeping this thread updated lately and that’s just the truth of things.

Progress is ongoing but slower than I’d like.

Glad to hear you like the game!



after i play 10 secounds the game feezes and throw me out… i cant really do anything

Details are important in situations like this if you can providing more information could be the only way to help if it’s an actual bug.

  • What version are you playing?
  • What platform are you on?
  • Are you emulating the game with something like joyplay?
  • Did the game crash completely to desktop and renpy closed completely?
  • Does the crash happen if you just sit there and do nothing? Or does it only happen when advancing dialogue?
  • Are you using an old save? Or starting the game fresh and not using a pre-existing save.

This could be related to the “infinite loop” bug that I think was supposed to be fixed but any bit of info can help @wholehog919 decern between an actual bug/issue or something player related.


@Krodmandoon Thanks for being such a good resource!

@RainyBro This could be related to any number of things, by far and away though, I have had a big report of infinite loop popping up, this seems and I will stress seems to have been fixed in the most recent version posted on patreon. The reason I stress seems is mainly just because infinite loop, my most arduous bug, may still be out there…waiting.




Yeah I’ll release it when I post 1.6 to the patreon. (No ETA on that as of yet I’m afraid.)

Thanks for the interest!



Here is an in progress shot of a scene that will be part of the next update (still no ETA I’m afraid).

I’m still actively working on the game, but as patreon peeps know some in real life stuff has reduced my work time on the game, so it’s slow going right now. I hope things to pick back up soon. Usually I get like 16 hours a week to tinker and it’s been 1 or none the last few weeks. But as things calm down and my game hours go back up I’ll try to post more and be more active. (I know I always say that but I mean it this time I swear.)

Hope all is well,


Hey! So what is the changes between 1.5 and 1.5.1? I have 1.5 and am trying to decide if the bugfix update is worth it for me personally.

Super excited based on this post here!!

By the way, out of curiosity, what do you see as the immediate future of development? Progressing forward with the story and relationship past the current max size/end content, or expanding on some of the more middling stuff in the existing game, such as your coworkers, limited dialogue on early dates, or the snack system?

Either way I’m excited but I always like to poke into the dev’s head to see what the plan is! Obviously I’m most excited for shiny new stuff and an even fatter Danielle, but I won’t lie and say that I wouldn’t appreciate quality of life changes or NEW content to older parts of the game.


Infinite loop bug fix, typos, errors, inconsistencies, and the issue of Danielle’s new weight stage playing at work before the weight event would happen.

So no new content if that’s what you’re asking.


Thank you, for both stating that there is no new content and for explaining which bugs it helped with.

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