Whole Hog - Version 1.5.1 (Bugfix) Update (PC and Mac) Now on Patreon! Version 1.4.2 now linked here for free!

@Krodmandoon is correct!

@Muffintopmanor1 - This time around I’m trying to tackle both, flesh out one or two early activities and continue the story. Its a bit ambitious considering the time commitment, but I like to overshoot.



I do beilive you dropped the latest update version
this hounds says thank you my friend

Are you or have you released the v1.5.1 for free anywhere???

You’ve already asked this and it has been answered.


How many weight gain stages are there?

@Dorito_Army In the 1.5 version there are 5 stages if you include the beginning stage.

In my radio silence I have been continuing to work on the game, those subbed to my patreon know that my time to work on the game has been reduced drastically due to things outside my control, and I had not been able to scrounge time back from elsewhere in my schedule. However, that has now changed, starting December my time to devote to the game should increase!

So as for now there is no ETA for a release, but I am still plugging away.

Also I made two images comic for Halloween, unrefined unfortunately.

That’s all for now, thanks!


Just a proof of life post!

Work on the game continues, I am currently rendering full scenes for the beach activity, I am up through the new weight stage, that one is a bit more involved let’s say.

The picture shows examples of the her size at each stage.

That’s all for now!